Public Game Series

The Public Game series is the first set of Ailaros' battle reports. It tracks the first phase of this particular group's development, including the rise of Melchoir Theleos as it's commander, with the eventual inclusion of the priest Sanario. Tactically, this guard army takes on a balanced list with the premise of the infantry being that anvil, and vehicles being the hammer, showing several adaptations and reaching some final conclusions regarding this style of guard army. Note that the first two battle reports don't have pictures or fluff, but the reports quickly expand into their more polished form.

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game 1 against Imperial Guard (infantry only, no pics)

game 2 against Space Marines (Blood Angels)

game 3 against Tau

game 4 against Tau and Tyrannid

game 5 against Tyrannid

game 6 against Space Marines (Space Wolves)

game 7 against Necron

game 8 against Space Marines

game 9 against Space Marines

game 10 against Space Marines

First Set Reflections

game 11 against Space Marines (Ultramarines)

game 12 against Necron and Space Marines (Deathwatch)

game 13 against Orks

game 14 against Orks

game 15 against Space Marines (Space Wolves)

game 16 against Space Marines (Space Wolves)

game 17 against Tyrannid

game 18 against Tyrannid (Bugzilla)

game 19 against Space Marines (Flesh Tearers)

game 20 against Space Marines (BA) and Imerial Guard

Second Set Reflections

game 21 against Tyrannid (tactical expo)

The Lost Game against Necron

game 22 against Space Marines (new BA rules)

game 23 against Eldar

game 24 against Necron

game 25 against Imperial Guard

game 26 against Tau

game 27 against Imperial Guard

game 28 against Imperial Guard

game 29 against Imperial Guard

game 30 against Space Marines (Black Templar)

Third Set Reflections

game 31 against Space Marines (Black Templar and Blood Angels)

game 32 against Orks (Kult of Speed!)

game 33 against Tau

game 34 against Space Marines (Blood Angels)

game 35 against Eldar (animated)

game 36 against Eldar (animated)

game 37 against Guard (animated)

game 38 against Eldar (animated)

game 39 against Tyranid and Tau

game 40 against Imperial Guard (animated, with SFX!)

Fourth Set Reflections

game 41 against Dark Eldar

game 42 against them all!

game 43 against Tau

game 44 against Space Marines

game 45 against Dark Eldar

game 46 against Iron Hands

game 47 against Ultramarines

game 48 against Chaos

game 49 against Chaos, SM, and Guard

game 50 against Chaos

Fifth Set Reflections

Final Thoughts


Epilogue 1 against SM and Ork

Epilogue 2 against SM and IG (Armored Company)