The Hand of the King Series
Imperial Guard - 6th. Edition

This series returns to the story of marshal Melchoir Theleos and his righteous companion Sanario the priest. Purged of the commissariat, and returned to the control of the Ecclesiarchy, the brave souls of Folera fight with religious zeal in Crown Prince Rupert Ek-Istpherion's crusade.

Blood Conquers All Series
Imperial Guard - 5th. Edition - 28 wins, 10 draws, 11 losses

Follow the adventures of Daxos P. Clinton, assault officer extraordinaire. This series presents an infantry-heavy approach to Imperial Guard, specifically showcasing the capabilities of "power blobs". Detailed strategic commentary given in each report.

Public Game Series
Imperial Guard - 4th. Edition - 32 wins, 11 draws, 10 losses

The Public Game series is the first set of Ailaros' battle reports. It tracks the first phase of this particular group's development, including the rise of Melchoir Theleos as it's commander, with the eventual inclusion of the priest Sanario. Tactically, this guard army takes on a balanced list with the premise of the infantry being that anvil, and vehicles being the hammer, showing several adaptations and reaching some final conclusions regarding this style of guard army. Note that the first two battle reports don't have pictures or fluff, but the reports quickly expand into their more polished form.