BATTLE REPORTS - The Hand of the King - 21 (tactical)

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This game was played after game 20, against the grey knight player from last week. Time for a rematch!

The mission was Scouring, Vanguard deployment, at 1,000 points.

My list (Imperial Guard) was:

CCS - fist, standard, lascannon
Priest - eviscerator

PCS - mortar, chenkov
PIS - lascannon, meltagun
PIS - lascannon, meltagun
Conscripts (20) - Send in The Next Wave!

PCS - lascannon
PIS - lascannon, meltagun
PIS - lascannon, meltagun

PCS - 2x meltaguns, al'rahem
PIS - flamers
PIS - flamers

My opponent's list (Grey Knights) was:


10x strike squad - hammer, 2x psycannons
10x strike squad - hammer, 2x psycannons

8x henchman squad - 4x crudaders, 4x death cult assassins
- Rhino
7x henchmen squad - 2x joakero, 5x acolytes with storm bolters

Psyfleman Dreadnought

This time, his joakero rolled to make his lascannons rending.

My warlord got Night Attacker again, and again I chose not to turn it on. My opponent's warlord rolled Divide to Conquer. I tried to decide if keeping al'rahem off the board until later in the game was going to be a bad thing or not.

Night fighting was rolled for turn one. My opponent rolled for first turn, and I declined to seize.

Note the value of the objectives in magenta.

So, obviously I drew the short end this game, what with having 6 points on my side of the board to my opponent's 9. Time to see how my army could do on the offensive.

1.) The game begins with my opponent flat-out moving the rhino over towards the right, while moving one of his combat-squadded strike squads forward on foot.

In return, I open up with my lascannon barrage. Unlike last game, there are no ruins for the rhino to hide behind, and my lascannons don't throw down any 1's, causing the rhino to go up in flames for first blood. The explosion kills a few, and also takes down a nearby grey knight with a psycannon.

Chenkov's mortar then fires at the guys in the rhino and hits, whittling the henchman squad down to just two models.

2.) At the top of turn 2, my opponent continues to sneak his dreadnought over towards the upper left objective. He is joined by a deepstriking strike squad. They had wanted to drop a lot closer to the lower left objective, but scattered way backwards.

3.) Deciding that what happened last time won't happen again, he plays his last combat squad extremely risky, basically deepstriking the guys right into the middle of my stuff.

The guys land and shoot the CCS. As I'd been keeping my officer at the back of the squad, he took the brunt of the damage. LoS! rolls weren't kind, causing only one to get pitched to the priest (who saved), but the officer's refractor field not being enough to stop him from going down, giving my opponent a point for warlord.

In return, two PISs turn around and kill three of the intruders, thanks to meltaguns and lascannons. The Chenkov PCS and the priest (who had linked up with a PIS) charge in. Chenkov eats the overwatch, putting down 3 wounds. He passes all 3 LoS! rolls, and comes out unscathed while the rest of his squad is horribly killed.

In close combat, Chenkov kills a dude with his power weapon, while a huge mass of rerolling regular attacks easily dispatches the other.

4.) The other deepstriking strike squad comes in to attack, killing off a PCS in one turn and then shooting/charging the conscripts, causing them to flee, getting taken down in a sweep.

In return, my giant, angry mob of guardsmen shoots the hell out of them, leaving only the justicar alive, who breaks and runs. After taking a moment to blow up the dreadnought with my second penetrating lascannon hit, I take a look at Sanario and his squad. He's a long way away, needing an 8 or 9 on a charge roll to get in with the justicar (who had made a long retreat roll himself). I decide to go for it anyways.

Overwatch kills the front guardsmen, and now I'm even farther away. I roll for charge range and flip boxcars. 12 angry inches later, my priest and his squad are in the fray. The justicar challenges. The priest easily kills him and takes a single wound in return, which he fails to save. The squad then consolidates 6", meaning that, in like 15 seconds, they just shunted 18" up the field, now in serious striking range of the upper left objective.

5.) Meanwhile, the conscripts came back in. My opponent's only offensive strike squad is threatening an objective worth a whopping 1, but I don't really have anything else better to do with the conscripts.

The squad on that side had been dinged by a PIS lascannon that had nothing better to shoot at turn 1, and so the 20 conscripts came up against 4 grey knights. They open fire with lasguns, killing 2. The two remaining grey knights shoot with storm bolters, killing a couple and then charge in. The non-justicar rolls poorly, only killing a single conscript. The huge mass of conscripts takes him down, leaving just the justicar who HORRIBLY flubs his rolls. At 1 kill to 1, the conscripts stay on the field with a drawn combat. In the next turn, the justicar is pummeled before he can swing. The conscripts consolidate over onto the objective, taking their 1 point for the team.

6.) Meanwhile, Al'Rahem had been rolling poorly for reserves, and the -1 to the roll helped ensure that they stayed off the table. They arrive automatically on turn 4, and I get to choose where to place them. Because they've arrived so late, there isn't really very much left on the board that can stop them. I consider going for the upper right objective, as it's closer to the board edge, is worth more, and will give me precious, precious cover against the coteaz squad in the ruins. If this game goes long, I don't know if they're going to survive out in the open on the left.

But the left was undefended, so I decided to go for it anyways. They arrive and run forward. At the end of 4, they are met by the shunting guardsmen, and I feel pretty safe with four scoring units in the area (plus some more guys running up the field on the left).

7.) As turn 5 comes, my opponent uses the coteaz stormbolter squad to wipe out Sanario's PIS, while trying to get the two survivors of the henchmen squad over to contest the left objective.

In return, I use "like the wind" order on both of al'rahem's squads. They both fire lasguns, and then get to move. The lasguns kill the two henchmen, and the run rolls get them both onto the objective.

At this point, my opponent is basically finished. He had a 4-man strike squad on a 4 objective, and he had coteaz with his remaining 5 personal henchmen on a 2 objective. Meanwhile, I'm snugly on 9 points worth and still have the strength to keep up the fight.

It doesn't happen, though, as I roll to continue and flip a 2.

- So, this game more or less shows what I was going for with this list. With 10 scoring units, I dwarfed my opponent's ability to kill off my ability to hold objectives. Likewise, with a combination of lasguns, lascannons, and meltaguns, I was able to really focus down my opponent's scoring units, until they only had two left on the board at the end of the game. Meanwhile, my dagger strike of al'rahem's squad worked more or less exactly as I had planned. So long as there were threatenable objectives, I had the offensive power to be able to not only threaten them, but to score on them. Without a long-reach scoring unit like that, we would have been tied on objectives and secondaries. I would have had to hope on linebreaker for the win, rather than just taking it outright.

- I finally got to use my priest again! Yay!

- And, of course, another shoutout to the lascannons. Provided decent rolling, lascannons = first blood for me. Plus, their long range and tendency to kill what they hit not only ended my opponent's vehicular presence, but were also generally annoying, sniping various infantry models over the course of the game.

MVP: Of course, this one has to go to Rhamael Theleos, for obvious reasons. A very strong mention to the conscripts, though. They killed five grey knights this game, including a justicar. Impressive as that is, it's even more shocking to think that SiTNW conscripts basically made back their points against grey knights. And they snagged an objective. And they stopped my opponent from getting linebreaker. Way to go, guys.

Hero of the Game: I SAID GET 'EM! What ever would I do without my priest?