Blood Conquers All Series

The Blood Conquers All series is the second set of Ailaros' battle reports. After major army reforms and the introduction of a new rules edition and a new codex. The Foleran First hits the field again. Designed as an exposition on both new books, this series follows the escapades of Daxos P. Clinton, the senior officer of an assault infantry line.

As well, the reports contain post-facto reviews. These are further reflections taken after re-reading and thinking about the game for between a few days to a week. These show more in-depth analysis with regards to the strategic elements that underpinned the game.

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game 1 against Space Marines

game 2 against Tyranid

game 3 against Dark Eldar

game 4 against Blood Angels

game 5 against Eldar

game 6 against Tau

game 7 against Space Marines

Tournament Interlude 1

game 8 against Space Marines

game 9 against Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard

game 10 against Space Marines and Imperial Guard 

game 11 against Dark Eldar and Chaos

game 12 against Dark Eldar and Space Marines

game 13 against Chaos and Space Marines

game 14 against Eldar and Eldar

game 15 against Orks

game 16 against Chaos and Space Marines

Tournament Interlude 2

game 17 against Eldar

game 18 against Space Marines

game 19 against Eldar

game 20 against Chaos

game 21 against Eldar

game 22 against Space Wolves

game 23 against Witch Hunters

game 24 against Blood Angels

Tournament Interlude 3

game 25 against Imperial Guard

game 26 against Imperial Guard

game 27 against Blood Angels

game 28 against Blood Angels

game 29 against Chaos

game 30 against Eldar

game 31 against Dark Eldar

game 32 against Tau

game 33 against Chaos

Tournament Interlude 4

game 34 against Dark Angels

game 35 against Space Wolves

game 36 against Imperial Guard