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After weeks of doubles league, we finally came to the tournament. My partner got swooned away by the prospect of playing a ultra terminator army of death with the chaos player, and I got teamed up with the dreadnought guy from game 12.

Both partners could bring up to 500 points. Force org optional. The missions would be drawn from others played in the league up until this point.

Our list looked like this:

Dreadnought with assault cannon, DCCW
Dreadnought with assault cannon, DCCW
Dreadnought with plasma cannon, DCCW
Dreadnought with lascannon, DCCW

3x melta PCS
40-dude power blob
2 hydras


Game 1 was against the DE player and his son, playing inquisition forces. The DE force was two ravagers and two raider squads. The inquisition force was two minimum-sized stormie squads with flamers in immolators and one huge frikkin' inquisitor+retinue with a bunch of power weapons and heavy bolters.

The mission was seize ground, except that one partner got "scouts" and "infiltrate" and the other got a universal 5++. Needless to say, I took the 5++ and my partner took the other one. As this was going to be objectives-heavy, instead of throwing all my guys into a single blob, I kept one of the 10-man squads out of the blob.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

We rolled for first turn, and took it. We wanted as many assault cannon and hydra shots straight off the bat as possible. Then, our opponents rolled to seize the initiative and they got it!

In the first turn, the immolators drove forward and popped smoke. The DE vehicles flew forward to prey on my poor hydras.

In shooting, the huge =I= squad was too far away to shoot heavy bolters while almost all of the DE vehicles shot at my left side hydra, scoring two glances and two pens. One of the pens was blocked by a 5++ save, but the glances ripped off the hydra autocannons before the vehicle was wrecked by the pen that got through.

In return, my partner's dreadnoughts rush forward and assault cannon/DCCW two of the DE vehicles while my remaining hydra blows off the darklance and shakes the ravager.

In their turn, everything moves forward, including dropping off a squad of stormies and haemonculus.

A couple of darklance shots fail to do anything to the hydra, but assorted flamer fire and some hellguns put down some of the blob.

In return, lascannons, assault cannons, and hydras blow apart everything but the ravager, which is stunned. My power blob charges one group of stormies and swiftly wipes it out while a marauding dreadnought handles the other one.

Meanwhile, the 10-man squad that I had decided not to deploy with the blob ran over and stretched out in such a way where I claimed both right side objectives while my power blob sat squarely on the third.

Turn three saw my partner's dread coming in from outflanking and charging into the =I= squad, which had nothing that could hurt it while assault cannon fire drove the warriors off of their objective. With only a single 5-elf warrior squad and a heavily damaged ravager against basically our entire army by the end of turn 3, our opponents wisely concede defeat.


The next game was against the store's chaos player, and my spikey wolves ally who had finally decided to flip to the ruinous powers.

They had a land raider and a 5-man termie squad with various space wolves sounding upgrades and a 10-man CSM termie squad. Oh yeah.

The deployment was DoW, the mission was capture and control with the two objectives being in the far upper right and the far lower right. The special mission thing was that at the beginning of our turn, each player could choose one unit and redeploy it from any board edge.

Once again, I split my blob into a 30 and a 10-man chunk. Given that I was the only player who even brought any troops choices, the deployment phase was a lonely one:

We got first turn again, and our opponents rolled to seize, and made it AGAIN!

In their first turn, basically everything deployed, likewise for our first turn:

And then all hell broke loose. One of my opponents decides to have the land raider full of terminators magically deploy from our side of the board, while the 10-man termie squad suddenly appears directly in front of my power blob!

The land raider shoots some dakka at one of my hydras and does assorted damage. Despite having a thunder hammer, a power fist, and a chain fist in the termie squad, the spikey wolves do what the spikey wolves really, really like to do - sit there and shoot. A cyclone missile launcher finishes the poor hydra off.

Then the other termies pile in after some rather brutal shooting. As he has no grenades, my power weapons go first and down 3 terminators while the huge pile of other attacks do nothing. After something UNGODLY like 20 power weapon attacks along with several power fist attacks, pretty much all of which hit and wounded, my poor power blob was racked down to just 2 sergeants, the commissar, and a flamer guy. Then the squad failed morale, and, after a brief lesson in imperial tactics from the commissar, the squad stayed put.

They may have just eaten a 30-man power blob, but they still didn't have any troops choices, and they still only had 3 units, making it very possible to take this game once we knock a unit or two out. Of course, we also get our strategic redeploy of our own. This winds up being a dread and my poor mangled power blob. Everything goes over to wail on the spikey wolves. 3 meltaguns tags one of their numbers while 2 assault cannons take a huge dump on another. We charge in, and because of me sending in multiple units, he can't use either his chain fist or his thunder hammer on the dreads. A handful of power weapon attacks from me puts down a terminator while some angry dreads kill only one more. To compensate, my PCS officer stabs the last one with a 1 on his armor roll, but not before.

That and another dread DCCWed the raider to death. Where once there was an entire opponent, now there was this:

The rest of the game saw my PCS failing a morale check (I don't exactly know why), and then failing several more and running off the board. The huge pile of termies got in and killed a hydra and my lone other squad nearby, but all of that time spent chewing my gristle saw assault cannons do murder to the terminators. That, and, despite the risk of chainfisting, they got a good, solid charge in, mangling a couple:

I did a strategic redeploy to the objective near the action. This forced the lone two termies to redeploy over next to him to finish the squad off. Dreads then redeployed (one of them was destroyed by a low difficult terrain roll, though), and just as his assault cannon wound up into high gear and the DCCW prepared for ultimate carnage, my remaining hydra threw down several wounds on the termies, and in a fit of horrendous rolling, lost both remaining terminators to failed armor saves.


Having just whomped our previous two opponents, we had high hopes going into the last mission. Unfortunately, we were playing the best team other than ourselves. The reason for this was in part because it was against good players, but also because their list was flat out deadly. It was basically 3 wraithlord, 2 farseers, and 1 really big mob of wraithguard. On objectives missions, this might not fare so well, but the last one was killpoints, and everything in their army was either S9+ or was shooting wraith cannons.

This game was going to be a long, strategic retreat. Hopefully, if we could kill off the wraithlord with hydras and assault cannons fast enough, we would be able to throw everything on their wraithguard at once. The fact that the mission specified that only one of the players counted as scoring, and that the scoring player on their side only had 2 scoring units was going to make this a pretty tough going.

At least we got first turn. They roll to seize and GET IT FOR A THIRD TIME IN A ROW!!!

The game started well, with hydras and assault cannons wrecking two wraithlord in the first two turns. Then things started getting ugly.

My partner started getting close to the wraithguard who did some unkind things to one, and were able to flatten a second when it charged in, thanks to those witchblades. With the other wraithlord getting outpositioned, and my partner outflanking a dreadnought coming in from the wrong side of the board, the fight quickly devolved into their wraithguard against my 40-dude power blob.

Because of fumbling over terrain, the wraitguard didn't get close enough in towards one of my power blobs that I thought I could realiably get the charge off. Instead of backing up, taking a little wraith cannon fire and then charging them, I stepped forward and 40-man FRFSRFed them. Of the 6 wounds I put down on his wraithguard, he passed every single armor save.

In reply, they capitalized on a really stupid mistake of mine and mind warred the commissar (I had left him like 22" away from the farseers when they moved forward), their fortune doesn't go off, though, and they charge in).

Knowing that this is likely to go poorly for my power blob, I make sure that 3 of my 4 power weapons get into base contact with the scoring farseer. The farseer has no fortune for their invul save, but it doesn't matter when I wound with ZERO of my power weapon attacks. 9 more regular attacks also fail to score a single wound. Likewise, another 30 attacks fails to do anything to the wraithguard, who turn around and, with 18 attacks kill TEN of my guardsmen. Without the commissar, they break and run, and are caught in a sweeping advance.

The rest of the game sees me fleeing with my hydra, and even though luck continued to be against me with the game going until turn 7, I was still able to manage to avoid a total wipe of my forces.


With this, we would have been tied for first place, but, since the farseer didn't go down, and thus they didn't lose any units, they snagged the extra point, putting them in first and us taking home second place.

This was a fun tournament, and a good chance to try out some SERIOUS infantry. Upcoming is going to be another 1850 tournament, and I'm considering taking 40 dudes and two commissars in one of my troops choices so that I can have a single, mind-war-proof uber blob of death, or two regular sized blobs.