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The 1850 league continues. This time, against the person I played game 1 against.

THE CHALLENGER: Go Teal or Go Home!
1850 pts.

- terminator armor, storm shield, avenger, quickening

10 man tac squad
- lascannon, flamer, power fist

10 man tac squad
- lascannon, flamer, power fist

10x sternguard with combi-meltas, lightning claws
- drop pod

Ironclad Dreadnought
- 2x heavy flamers, HK missile, Ironclad launchers
- drop pod with locator beacon

- extra armor, heavy flamer, multimelta
- drop pod with locator beacon.

Thunderfire cannon

Land Raider Redeemer
- extra armor, storm bolter, multi-melta

- lascannon sponsons, TL lascannon turret, extra armor.

1850 pts.

I used list 5-1850-b, same as last time.

The mission this game was "rescue". Basically, you had to nominate a unit to be in captivity that had to start out on your opponent's long edge at maximum dispersion. For the purposes of pretty much everything, the squad didn't exist until it came into base contact with a friendly unit, at which point it became a normal unit (as if it had deepstruck in). You completed your objective if you made it back onto your table half with said squad.

The deployment was spearhead. My opponent rolled to go first. At deployment, the field looked like this:

As you can see, my opponent put a combat squad down on my side, and I chose to throw down a blob squad (specifically, from Rhamael's squad). This way the squad was so spread out that no matter which side I outflanked from, I was nearly guaranteed to activate my power blob right away, and it would have the durability to make it to my side of the board on foot. I deploy as best I can to prevent him from just dropping on his guys / general drop pod defense.

As for the rest, I have 5 meltagun squads and two blobs to stop him from getting to his guys. This looks to be an easy victory in the making.


Raust Melios Carissander - Commissar, Daxos Group

After a fight that was as long and bloody as it was confusing, I and the rest of the Daxos Line had found ourselves in a stalemate with a group of heretical space marines in a ruined city. Several of our comrades had supremely disgraced themselves by allowing themselves to be captured alive by the enemy. That one of the prisoners was a fellow commissar filled me with the deepest rage.

When learned of this, commander marshal Clinton did the absolutely unthinkable: he sent emissaries out to set up a prisoner exchange. The lives of 21 pieces of absolute scum wasn't worth even the pinky toe of one of our prisoners. The only way I was persuaded to allow this course of action to continue, rather than to execute marshal Clinton on the spot, was because this gave us not only a chance to launch a surprise attack on their unsuspecting forces, but it would also give me the chance to personally execute the traitorous cowards myself once they had made it safely to our lines.

At the proper time and place, we arrayed ourselves at the meeting place. Then, the most despicable traitors of marines showed their vile colors yet again by springing an ambush on us!

I turned from their incoming forces and stared down my targets downfield. I vowed to eat their livers boiled in their own blood. Death to them all!

So, in his turn he gets two free dreads piling out. Meanwhile, his other vehicles move forward.

In shooting, his multimelta misses my manticore, and the heavy flamer takes down a couple of dudes in the front blob squad.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In response, I move my blobs over to screen off his objective better. The rest of my huge melta hedge runs forward.

In shooting, I "bring it down!" on a melta squad which hits the dread 3 times, but somehow doesn't manage to do more than peel the paint. A second BiD on the CCS itself finds 3 meltaguns in melta range rerolling to hit with no cover. 3 pens later, and the dread is gone, taking my fleet officer with it in the ensuing explosion. Back in the center, 3 more meltaguns cause a pair of glances which immobilizes and shakes the center dread.

Meanwhile, my 2 manticores throw down 4 shots against the land raiders. 2 hit, but despite being S10 ordnance, I only manage a single glance, which shakes the vehicle.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My opponent begins his turn with his sternguard+librarian showing up:

The land raider and the predator move up closer.

In shooting, his combi-meltas easily off one of my manticores, while his other combat squad of sternguard has a very impressive round of shooting, killing the rest of my command squad.

Meanwhile, the thunderfire hits with all 4 shots, but thanks to proper spacing, I keep him down to only 4 hits (all of which failed their armor saves).

After this point, the field looked like this:

My turn begins with Rhamael unimpressively showing up. The astropath was killed, so he showed up on the wrong side of the board. Thankfully, I had planned against this bad luck, and the nearest model in my objective squad was very close. He strode out 6". I roll for run, and get a 1, just BARELY putting me out of reach of activating my imprisoned blob squad. As such, I wiggle slightly back behind the wall in the upper left.

Meanwhile, angered at their inability to kill the dread last turn, I move my melta hedge even closer:

In shooting, my outflanking plasma squad opens up on one of his sternguard that's completely out in the open. 6 plasma shots, and only 1 marine goes down. I lose a guardsman to a burn...

Meanwhile, my melta hedge gets a couple of pens on the dread, which explodes with a huge radius. Almost all of the hits wound, and I fail a majority of my armor saves, leaving the melta squads shredded...

My basilisk shoots at his desperately exposed librarian/sternguard, and scatters 7" off the table. My manticore shoots at his land raider and scatters, but not by a lot, so the huge vehicle is still hit. The S10 ordnance shot penetrates... and rolls a "crew shaken" result...

Then onto assault...

Seeing the lumbering behemoth approaching our lines in order to pick up their prisoners, I immediately ordered an assault. Sergeants primed meltabombs and, with the loud urgings and rantings of the squad's chaplain, we viciously charged into the monstrous machine.

I get into close combat and throw two rerollable meltabombs at his land raider. Neither of them hit.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My opponent begins by tank shocking his land raider towards his objective. I make a death or glory with a meltabomb. It fails to scratch the paint. I make a death or glory with a meltagun in the next squad. I penetrate the armor. The result is a weapon destroyed...

With nothing standing in his way, he dumps his guys out of the raider and activates his objective which rolls a 6 for their run roll. Thankfully, this isn't enough to get them all into 2" of the assault ramp.

In assault, he runs his raider squad to provide a shield for his dudes. Meanwhile, his uninjured sternguard charge into my basilisk.

With a couple of krak grenades he gets a glance and a pen for a "weapon destroyed" and a "crew stunned" result. The librarian does nothing to my manticore with its lightning claws.

His other sternguard squad charges into my plasma vets and does poorly enough not to just wipe the squad outright. 2 plasmagunners fail their morale check and are able to avoid a sweeping advance.

After this point, the field looked like this:

So, there have been some hang-ups, but I'm still in a tenable position. All I need to do is to be able to activate my squad and stop his land raider with the huge pile of melta attacks I've got.

Movement begins with Rhamael rolling for difficult terrain and rolling snakeyes... I really don't have a choice now, as if I dont' activate my squad soon, there is simply no way that they're going to be getting onto my side the field in later turns. I hold my breath and wiggle out into the open.

The rest of my movement is throwing the weight of my entire backfield army onto his stuff on my side of the table.

Shooting begins with a pair of plasma guns once again rolling terribly and only putting down a single sternguard. Thankfully, Rhamael gets a 4 on the run and is just BARELY able to make it into base contact with my objective power blob, activating it.

With all possible haste, I commanded my men forward. The enemy was gathering their prisoners! It was now time to unload the full might of the imperial guard on his pathetic forces arrayed.

I start the left-side action by ripping the TL lascannon off the predetor. Meanwhile, 2 meltaguns do nothing to the raider.

I then charge in, but due to a quirky technicality of multiple assaults that I wasn't aware of, I was unable to charge his objective unit. As such, my dudes pile in on his raider squad and wipe it away.


Now that my blob squad is activated, he tries to move his lascannon squad down to charge it, but fails horribly on his difficult terrain check (this was actually unlucky for me). Meanwhile, the land raider attempts a speedy getaway.

In assault, he manages to get into close combat with his techpriest. My conga line moves over. This was actually acceptable. After all it's a W1 dude with no invul, and he plowed into 3 power weapons. Once I consolidate out, it will be my turn, so I can easily run away from the rest of his troops and onto my side of the board.

He does nothing to my squad. I roll 9 power weapon and 6 regular attacks and put down... zero wounds...

Meanwhile, a handful of krak grenades manage to stun my manticore.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Well this game is starting to go more poorly than expected. Not only was he somehow able to just drive his land raider up and just pick up his guys, but now my own blob squad is stuck due to idiotically bad luck. My mission now is to at least go for a draw by stopping his land raider and killing off his guys. Plus, if the game lasts long enough, it will still be possible for my blob squad to make it back to my side.

"Don't let it get away!" I shouted to my men, "I will personally execute anyone who lets them get away, and send anthrax in the mail to their entire extended family! Go, now!"

As it's all or nothing with the raider, I throw all available resources at it. I pump out 4 meltagun shots (1 in melta range), and 4 meltabomb attacks (2 of which are rerollable). The end result is only a single penetration... for which I roll a "weapon destroyed"...

Meanwhile my power blob throws down another 9 power weapon attacks and manages a SINGLE wound. The techmarine is dead, but with a whopping 3" consolidation, I'm still basically right next to his remaining marine squad that wasn't able to charge in before.

After this point, the field looked like this:


With his land raider still able to move, he cleanly unloads his dudes onto his table half to complete his objective.

In shooting, he scores a miraculous number of bolt pistol hits off on my blob, and charges in. Chainsword attacks kill even more. 9 more power weapon attacks kill... 1. That's right, 27 power weapon attacks just killed 2 space marines...

After this point, the field looked like this:

Well, I'm pretty much screwed. If the game lasts long enough, I can probably outlast his few remaining marines and just possibly make it back to my side for a draw.

I start by moving up everything towards his stuff. In shooting, 3 meltaguns fail to hurt the land raider. In assault, 2 rerollable meltabombs make short work of the predator, but 2 more meltabombs fail to hit the land raider. The manticore shoots and scatters off the land raider to hit a couple of sternguard and the second shot hits... and pens... and "stuns"...

In close combat, he guts my blob squad with more good rolling. The remaining commissar and sergeant put out 6 power weapon attacks and kill... zero...

After this point, the field looked like this:

I rolled to continue on to a desperately needed turn 6 and throw down a 2. The game ended.


The space marines had rescued their captured prisoner and brought them to their table half, and the guard didn't for a space marine victory.

- I lost this game because of luck, and it really bothers me. Whether it was Rhamael's inability to roll higher than a 1 on a run, to 9 power weapons being able to put a single wound down that stranded my blob squad to the 8 S10 ordnance attacks and the 18 melta attacks that couldn't even immobilize the raider, it was as if I was bringing only 300 points to an 1850 point game. Even when I was lucky, I was unlucky (explosions), and even when my opponent was unlucky, he was lucky (extra turn to attack the blob). If even ONE of the dozens and dozens of terrible rolls would have been even "normal", the game would have at least ended a draw, and if our luck roles had been reversed, I would have tabled my opponent turn 3. As it was, a reasonably easy victory or at least a very easy draw was turned into a gut-wrenching loss, despite all of the player skill I was bringing to the table.

MVP: No one. They all fail.

Hero of the game: The lone priest who I couldn't figure out how to deploy or fit into the narrative who died on the right side of the board charging the librarian. What the effort was in vain, it was a heroic attempt.

To my shock and anger, our enemy killed off our cowardly prisoners before I even got a chance to punish them for their crimes against the Emperor. With nothing to gain, I immediately turned and began to summarily execute every guardsman I could see for their cowardly failing to obey my command and take down our opponent. With my bolt pistol, I managed to end the lives of 8 guardsmen and an officer before the cowards took advantage of my second reload to get out of sight.

That night, I poisoned each of those who I was unable to kill with my pistol, forcing them to vomit themselves to death. Anthrax letters to their next of kin are pending the arrival of the next mail ship from the warp.

Justice has been served. I eagerly await my next assignment. In faith,

-Raust Melios Carissander, Imperial Commissar