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As the Rules of Engagement league began to draw to a close, I was up against p.chappel (see game 4 of the most recent tournament), with his dark angels.

1500 pts.


3 groups of termies with assorted weapons (one with apothecary)

Techmarine with fixer servitors
- in a lascannon razorback
Venerable dreadnought with lascannon/missile launcher


THE DEFENDER: I've got more models in one troops choice...
1500 pts.

CCS - Master of Ordnance, lascannon, regimental standard

plasma stormies
plasma stormies

PCS, power fist, commissar w/power fist
PIS, power weapon, meltagun, commissar w/ power weapon
PIS, power weapon, meltagun
PIS, power weapon, meltagun, commissar w/ power weapon
PIS, power weapon, meltagun

PCS, power fist, commissar w/power fist
PIS, power weapon, meltagun, commissar w/ power weapon
PIS, power weapon, meltagun
PIS, power weapon, meltagun, commissar w/ power weapon
PIS, power weapon, meltagun
Autocannon HWS
Autocannon HWS
Autocannon HWS

The deployment for this game was "diagonal corners" which was basically "dawn of war" except that the field was cut in half diagonally, instead of crosswise (cue debate about the correct way to cut a PBJ). My primary for this game was to get a unit in my opponent's deployment zone, with a secondary of holding one of his objectives (the pink ones). My opponent's primary for this game was to hold more objectives than I did with a secondary of getting a unit into my deployment zone.

My opponent won the roll for first turn and gave it to me.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

Given the particulars of the mission and the particulars of the lists, this was going to be a tough game for my opponent. My opponent needed to capture three objectives (or do a heck of a job contesting) with only 3 troops choices, while my list was 88% troops, many of which were going to be good at linebackering stuff away from objectives. Meanwhile, with so relatively few units to my relatively many, this was going to be a difficult game for my opponent to be able to stop me from getting something into my opponent's DZ, especially with this deployment type.

Basically, my plan is to attack the right-most objective with lots of stuff. Once I secure that objective (which is in my opponent's DZ), then I can just camp there for the rest of the game. Assuming that I can keep a reasonable control over my own two objectives, this game should be in the bag.

My opponent has a change of heart and decides to try to seize the initiative, which he does.


Report concerning the action on: 3 Hydros
Daxos Line

It has thus far appeared that the month of Hydros has lived up to its name, even on this far-flung planet so far from my beloved Folera. After days of tenuous, bloody, and ultimately nearly fruitless fighting, a thick shroud of nearly impermeable mist crept up the low mountainside and covered everything in a heavy fog. Fears of a total breakdown in communication and mass confusion and panic weighed heavily on my mind.

Much to my relief, the enemy had used the cover of shrouding mist to reform their positions on the other side of the mountain. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my nefarious foe had been spending the preceding month preparing another strong set of positions around the shrine of St. Eusebius on the far slopes. Only a break in the mist (due most unfortunately to a spat of freezing rain) allowed me to reform my positions on the summit. Fog had again rolled in, and I used the cover to successfully assault and take the shrine.

I was most wary, however, of overextending in the mist. My forces were now few in number, and the inclimate climate had made reinforcement utterly impossible. My line was now at its pre-arranged positions, but I now had uncertain information concerning my own dispositions, and none whatsoever regarding those of the enemy. A counterattack could come from anywhere and everywhere, and I would be none the wiser until it was too late.

Constant vigilance has made my sentries quite out of mind. I hear them occasionally opening fire on phantoms in the mist. Strict orders have thus been given, requiring my personal orders to open fire upon any acquisition of target. Our supplies have simply run too scarce for such unsoldierly discharge of munitions.

It was on the morning of the 3rd, and I was called up to peer through the clouds and light freezing drizzle to confirm a target that my autocannoneers on hill 414 had spotted.

The game starts with my opponent creeping his forces up through the mist. The Vindidator came in on the left, while the whirlwind, techmarine/razorback and dread came in on the right.

Night fighting finds few targets.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Peering through my field glasses, I saw nothing but a sea of swirling grey all about me. My intuition, deep and greatly profound, sensed danger, and I called for reinforcements from one of the few nearby groups in the event of greater calamity.

Within a few minutes, my troops were gathered in our positions. Deciding that if there was our foe out there, it would be best to force him to play his hand, I instructed my artillery operator to call in a shot upfield. The attendant rock of artillery explosions told that somewhere before us was certainly a place not to be.

Turn one for me begins with my plans being laid out. One power blob comes in on the left to handle my objectives while a second comes in from the middle to reinforce both the left and the right. This is followed up with two power blobs and a PCS coming in straight on the objective on the right.

Shooting starts with a lot of vain searching for targets by the autocannon teams. As the master of ordnance doesn't need LOS, I throw a pie plate into the swirling mists. I rolled a scatter, and then totally rocked the 4D6" for scatter distance. Miraculously, the shot actually tagged a couple of terminators, but one failed to wound and the other easily passed his armor save.

Then came what to do on the right. If I rolled high enough for difficult terrain, it was possible for me to catch his objective-camping belial/apothecary terminators in a first turn assault. Then I actually thought about it for a moment. Belial had a pair of lightning claws, and there were 3 other lightning claw terminators in the squad, and they had a standard for +1 attacks. My options are to sit around clustered and get pounded by the whirlwind, or rush needlessly headlong into assault. Deciding it would be better to thin the herd a little, I start with FRF on one of the power blobs. After that, two more power blobs joined in.

6 meltagun shots and some 60 las shots rain down on the terminators as everybody opens fire. The techmarine had fortified that piece of cover, and so 3+ cover was 3+ cover to the meltaguns, but one of them managed to get through. Meanwhile, the huge pile of las fire, and even a couple of autocannons chimed in. FNP is less than desired for my opponent, and the end result is another terminator and the apothecary himself succumbing to mass fire.

This left my troops out of close combat range against the blob that didn't fire lasguns, of course, but the apothecary was dead, and that's just as fine.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My opponent begins turn 2 with moving his dreadnought into cover, but otherwise just chilling out. His terminators on the right stay where they are, remaining forebearant in the face of my blobs.

Suddenly, to my right, there was a mass eruption of volleyed lasgun fire. Had my newly-arrived forces made contact with the enemy, or were they simply getting the "jitters" in the face of the unknown?

My question was answered suddenly and brutally as the mist began to lighten. I suddenly had an obscured yet definite view of enemy forces attacking my positions through the fog. As quickly as I was able to see them, they immediately opened fire on me and my command staff. The building I had set up on rocked with a massive explosion followed by fire most pernicious raining down upon me.

Rubble cascaded onto me, my refractor field burning and cracking against the debris. A few small pieces managed to make it through, injuring my pointing arm. How foul!

As night-fight rules lifted, my opponent had a clear view of my command squad, which received the brunt of his punishment. The vindicator, the dreadnought, the razorback, whirlwind, and possibly and some cyclone missiles all UNLOADED on the command squad. I decide to bravely risk not going to ground, and the casualties are unfortunate. In the end, only the master of ordnance and a wounded Daxos are the only survivors.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In my turn, one of my stormie squads arrives. I chose a location over near all of his armor, but both the first attempt and the reroll throw them off. Confused by the total obscurement of ground cover, the stormtroopers arrive WAY off target.

In response, I move forward on the right and prepare to level some hurt. Orders largely fail, and artillery targeted at the whirlwind scatters off the board.

On the right, I decide to continue to shoot at the terminators. After all, this way I get to remove termies without them removing me. My shooting is much poorer, though, and after a slough of saves, only one termie goes down with a wound dinged off of belial.

Meanwhile, my autocannons shot at the razorback, but only managed a single glance for a shaken result. One of the other autocannon teams shoots at the whirlwind, but due to fantastic deployment, he gets to take a 3+ cover against the shot (couldn't see the arc I was shooting at), which negated the damage.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Turn three starts with my opponent getting his terminators in. They leisurely saunter onto the board into my upper left deployment zone.

He then pops his techmarine out to fix his razorback.

No sooner had I cleared the rubble off of my once-immaculately pressed uniform that the ground heaved in a mighty blast below me. A massive explosion rocked the ruins as an enemy vehicle appeared from out of vision and let loose a mighty blast against them. I was personally thrown into the remnants of a wall and collapsed, dazed, onto the floor.

My opponent then starts his shooting. This time, he's determined to make me pay for not assaulting his terminators. A whirlwind and a bag o' cyclone missiles throws down the hurt into my infantry clustered together on the right. Meanwhile, with a refurbished lascannon, the razorback, and a bunch of other stuff fire into my command squad again, forcing Daxos to go to ground just to survive. The vindicator also hits my autocannons on the second floor who go to ground. Without the standard, I'm not particularly convinced of their ability to stay on the board.

Then, deciding that he was sick of getting meltagunned to death, Belial makes the charge:

They do a relatively swarthy amount of damage, but my dice suck it up, and my opponent makes the few saves he's required to.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In my turn, I shift everything forward. On the left, I want to get my blob meltaguns up to form a hedge against his vindicator while the stormies are going to get ready for some plasma action later. In the center, I decide to take the blob there and pull him back to the center objective. I figure 2 power blobs and a punchy PCS can handle a couple of terminators by themselves. Meanwhile, the far right blob moves up to take the objective.

That and my stormies came in. This time, though, they actually land where they were supposed to.

Shooting once again sees my autocannons vainly strafing my opponent's vehicles. One of the team spares some shots into the vindicator while 6 autocannons blast at the now-fixed razorback and don't manage anything better than a single shaken result.

Meanwhile, the stormies had more normal luck, but the plasma shots largely bounced off of invul saves, leaving only one terminator dead.

In close combat, my opponent does more damage to my blob on the right. In return, my power blob SERIOUSLY flubs it. At least the ONE armor save that my opponent is forced to make fails, seeing Belial brought down to a single wound.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My opponent begins the turn by saying hello to my stormtroopers:

The only other movement is the techmarine getting back in his ride and the vindicator scooting back to stay out of melta range on the left.

Shooting sees him continue to pound my CCS, but his rolling is rather poor. I decide not to go to ground, as them staying in cover pinned is just as good as them being dead. Cover saves work, however, and the squad is fine.

Meanwhile, the whirlwind and cyclones continue to pound my right side forces, causing the PCS to fail its pinning check.

Assault sees me FINALLY connect with a power weapon, downing the thunder hammer terminator, but not after Belial rakes a couple guardsmen.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In return, I move my forces up, solidly consolidating onto the bottom three objectives.

Shooting sees the CCS pass BiD on an autocannon team against his razorback which STILL does nothing, despite 6 hits. He also passes it on himself, but the MoO nearly rolls boxcars for distance yet again. The rest of shooting sees more autocannons pathetically pattering off of the dreadnought, and a surprise glance on the vindicator, netting me a shaken result.

In close combat, my guardsmen figure out what the "on" button was on their power weapons, throwing down a staggering 5 wounds on belial. He did not pass all those invul saves.

After this point, the field looked like this:


My opponent starts turn 5 by shuffling around a bit.

More whirlwind fire slams into my stuff on the right, causing TWO failed pinning checks. More fire on the left sees me go to ground with my CCS, but the master of ordnance still ate a krak missile.

Dazed yet determined, I called down artillery on the enemy as their great and terrible fusillade of firepower continued to target my command post. With my pointing arm injured, I attempted to call out targets with my laspistol, firing it frantically, yet composedly at the enemy.

Soon, the artillery fire stopped. I called down to my artillery man, but just then a missile, or some other form of ordnance most deadly, exploded in the window pane flinging me to the ground. The world then went dark.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In return, I spread out slightly on the right-side objective, looking to weather future whirlwind fire slightly better.

Shooting sees me pump 16 autocannon shots into the techmarine razorback. The end result? A single stunned result...

The only other shooting is my stormies, waylaid as they once were, throwing some single-tap into the termies across the way on the hill to no effect.

After this point, the field looked like this:

My opponent rolled to continue and flipped a 1.


My opponent only controlled 1 objective to my 3, which means he failed his primary, but he passed his secondary of having at least one unit above half strength in my deployment zone. Meanwhile, I also passed having at least one above half strength unit in my opponent's deployment zone with also achieving my secondary of holding an enemy objective for an Imperial Guard victory.

- As was mentioned, my opponent was going to have a tough go of it, only bringing 15 infantry models (compared to my 114). Yes, they were terminators, but still, it's going to be tough to win a seize ground game with only 3 small troops choices.

- This does sort of showcase the guard's resilience to shooting. If your opponent doesn't bring a lot of anti-horde, all you need is a few units going to ground (you don't even need "incoming!"), and casualties can be kept to an appropriate level.

- I've now fired 270 autocannon shots at vehicles over the last 10 games. 270 shots for 3 vehicle destroyed results. These autocannon HWSs are DONE!

MVP: Raust's power blob. They may have only won the fight with just the commissar, the two sergeants, and the two meltagunners, but in the end, they cleared the terminators off of the objective on the right.

Hero of the Game: This will have to go to Daxos for bravely going to ground against incredible odds.

I regained my senses a few moments later. It seemed that my marshals and commissars had maintained order during my brief and shameful lapse of command. I can only thank the Emperor that I spent so much time training them for such an unfortunate eventuality.

It had appeared that the attack was as brief as it was violent. In not much time at all, the enemy had shrunk back into the mist whence he came. With the shifting vapors still clinging heavy to the ground, I could not risk sending my own forces out in pursuit. Other groups likewise reported probing actions all along my positions.

What our great foe was up to, not even my astopath could say.

In grateful service,

Sir Daxos P. Clinton III - KAP, EKS, ICM - Foleran Armies in his Majesty's Royal Dictate.
Blood Conquers All