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This game brought an end to the 1850 league I've been playing in over the past two months. Having not yet lost a game in this league, I found myself in first place. As such, I was paired off against the person who was in second, the guy I had played against in the first game of the league. This time, though, he was pulling the gloves off and playing with his blood angels.

1850 pts.

- power weapon, power fist
- in terminator armor with at least a psychic hood and bloodlance

7 death company
- one with a thunder hammer, one with a fist
- plus a medic in terminator armor

Death Company Dreadnought
- Blood talons, melta, flamer

6x assault marines
- in a razorback with 2x heavy bolter, TL assault cannon
10x scouts with assorted weapons
Furioso dreadnought with blood talons

Baal preadator with 2x HB's, TL assault cannon
Baal preadator with 2x HB's, TL assault cannon
Preadator with 2x HB's, autocannon

Storm raven
- with 4x blood rockets, 2 TL HB's, 2x assault cannons


THE DEFENDER: Power weapons for the power weapon throne!
1850 pts.

I used list 6-1850-a, same as last time.

The mission was seize ground with 5 objectives, the deployment was pitched battle. I won the roll to go first and handed it to my opponent.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

Well, I'm once again against a list kitted to the teeth with anti-blob weapons, and played by a very strong player. I knew I'd have to be careful on this one.

My opponent deployed a thin film of troops on the field (with the baal preds outflanking), and then put the reclusiarch, librarian, death company, and furiosio dreadnought in the stormraven. Given that it can fly forward 12", and the guys inside can get out 2" and charge 6, I'm looking at a horrific 20" murder hole wherein my opponent gets to reroll hits and wounds on an absurd number of attacks (many of them power weapon) on the charge. Add to this a furioso who has fleet and a 2" base, and this becomes a ludicrous 28" threat range with a unit that can tear any one of mine to shreds. As such, I really have no choice but to deploy over 26" away and hopefully find a way to put down that storm raven. So long as it survives, I simply have to stay clear of it, end of.

I deploy over on the right, because I still need to take objectives, and far away so I don't get turn 1 assaulted. I just have to hope my reserves come in early and in force. Once Rhamael pins down all the junk in the stormraven, I'll be able to bring up the rest of my forces and hopefully have enough force concentration to beat it. Once that's gone, I should have no trouble claiming the three objectives on the right. Yes, there will be Baal predators, but they don't have flamers, and I DO have meltaguns and eviscerators. Taking them down should they arrive in on the right side of the board shouldn't cause too much fuss.


Report concerning the action on: 17 Fongos
Daxos Line

Having fought in the city for many weeks now against a determined and implacable foe, the bravery and raw soldierly prowess of my well-trained and high-spirited officer and enlisted man had most triumphiously dug our enemy from their stronghold and cast them out amongst the last of the streets and alleys. Their tenuous hold of our objective was coming to an end. It had seemed, though, that the enemy had regained a degree of composure, as evidenced by the tough rear-guard action against which my men had been fighting so valiantly as our foes presumably were regrouping without the city.

The morning of the 17th dawned bright and crisp. After taking my morning tea, and then a daring second morning tea, I led my line forward in a wide formation, screening through large swaths of the remaining city. Groups were close enough to retain contact, but I didn't feel that a tight formation was as required as before.

Early in the afternoon, I approached an enemy position. With my field glasses, I could determine that they were prepared to the utmost to do battle, but were as of yet unaware of our presence. I got into position and held a war council with my two remaining junior officers. Marshal Theleos would lead a flanking maneuver while our forces valiantly distracted the enemy. Our forbearance would be most grand!

After the other half of my group had dissappeared behind a stand of rubble, I set the mighty wheels of war in motion.

My opponent's list is full of dakka, and the game is new. As such, he feels very little obligation to move anything.

Shooting sees the storm raven unload all 4 of its rockets in a single salvo, injuring an ogryn, while a fusilade of heavy bolter fire wipes off one of my missile launcher teams. The rest of his army causes assorted casualties, including a whirlwhind shot that hit dead on my CCS. I've got to make sure the astropath survives at least until turn 2, which requires me to put a wound on Daxos.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Well, I'm sure as heck not going to advance into the ample murder hole just to see most of my army annihilated in a single turn like last game. As such, my only movement is to pull things in a little.

Shooting sees my remaining missile launchers passing a BiD against the storm raven, one of the shots puts down a penetration, which yields an immobilized result.

Upon attracting my enemy into my trap, the enemy engaged in sprightly heavy bolter and sniper fire. I, myself, was hit in the arm with shrapnel from their artillery. With my own bare hands I removed the wretched piece of metal and cast it on the ground. Yet another perfectly-pressed uniform ruined by enemy action. This type of barbarity must be put to a stop!

After this point, the field looked like this:


Turn 2 began with my opponent getting one of this two baal predators in from the left side, far from most of my anti-tank capabilities:

The fire poured down us even more murderously than before, with the enemy bringing in local reinforcements to apply great pressure to my positions. Sportly bolter fire was beginning to take its toll, but my stalwart resolve to remain at my post despite this dire threat was greater than any foe could challenge. Dauntlessly, I forbore their merciless assault, all the mean-time wondering what had become of my flanking forces.

Until their arrival, the stalemate would continue.

Once again, my opponent refuses to give battle. All he does is move his fast vehicles into heavy bolter range and unload. He's got me exactly where he wants me - he can hammer away at me with long-range anti-infantry to his heart's content while I'm powerless to stop him.

After this point, the field looked like this:

The bottom of turn 2 begins with me rolling for reserves. In an ideal world, everything would come in at once. Rhamael would blow up the stormraven, the Zonhaim would drop a demo charge on them and the stormies would pick off most of the rest with a timely charge from a blob or two finishing things off, giving me undisputed control of the right three objectives.

Of course, that's not what happened. Very unfortunately, both Rhamael and Marbo were stuck in reserves while the stormies, with very little to shoot at, were called onto the field:

With my command squad now down to just the astropath and my injured senior officer, I had no choice but to move my lord commissar over to act as a wound sponge. I really need Rhamael to show up on the objectives, and I definitely need him sooner than later. The ogryn will just have to fend for themselves.

Shooting sees another passed BiD by the missile launcher dudes on the storm raven, but only turn up a glance, which is stopped by cover. The stormies open up with plasma on the storm raven and score a burn (killing the firer), and a glance, which gives me a weapon destroyed.

After this point, the field looked like this:


With the game dragging on with little action, my opponent decides it's finally time to do something with his furioso. It pops out and charges angrily forwards:

Meanwhile, everything else moved around to continue to nibble at my troops.

Shooting saw more assorted casualties, including the entirety of my second missile launcher squad, and some REALLY good shooting from the huge pile of heavy bolters and assault cannons downing two ogryn. That and a single assault cannon from the razorback made my stormies disappear.

Then came assault:

I called in Lord Commissar Caspar, and we were both in agreement - the line must be held, and at all cost. It was just then that the enemy approached our positions. I politely informed the commissar of his duties with regard to the morale of my men. He obliged by preparing his megaphone. This would require all of the stiffness of backbone that the iron discipline of the Imperial Guard had at its disposal.

Assault sees the dreadnought lunge down the field straight into one of my power blobs. The blood talons do all right, but not exactly astounding, while I hit with one of my meltabombs and penetrated the armor, but only drew up a stunned result. The eviscerator was actually out of range to begin with (so that he wouldn't, I don't know, get charged by a dreadnought), and was only able to get into base contact at the end of the phase pile in.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Now thoroughly distrought at the grave lack of punctuality on the part of my officers, I began to pout vigorously. It was not until then that I finally heard it - a shout rising up from a whole platoon of soldiers at once.

They were finally here! Hurrah!

The bottom of three starts with my reserves finally showing up. Al'Rahem comes in on the proper side, and I drop the Zonhaim assassin nearby.

Everything goes in for the kill. I don't have all that much more time on my hands, and while the storm raven hasn't been destroyed, this simply must be the time to attack.

Shooting starts with the remnants of the PCS shooting at the storm raven. They pick up BiD and two shots puts down one penetrating hit, which explodes the vehicle 1". Now with nothing particular to shoot at, Rhamael throws down some like the winds to move the blobs in closer for the kill.

Unfortunately, due to the HUGE wingspan of the storm raven, my opponent is able to deploy all of his death company far away and out of 6", despite the Zonhaim being placed 1" away from the hulk and right next to the center of the hull. As such, I just try to hide him a little bit and hope he survives until next turn. Shooting ends with Rhamael acing a scout with a meltagun. His plasma pistol missed, but thankfully this time it didn't burn him.

Assault sees the dread horribly flub his talon attacks against my squad. My squad horribly flubs back, with the single eviscerator attack somehow failing to even glance.

The main show, though, was a little further infield, where a difficult terrain roll is just good enough to get one of Rhamael's blobs into close combat with the death company. Thankfully, this means that his ultradeath squad is tarpitted, which means no crazy reclusiarch charging bonuses, and it means I'll be charging some ogryn and the second blob in next turn. Everything is going to plan.

Then the dice start rolling. The power blob's power weapons put down 3 power weapon wounds, but two of them are stopped by invul saves. Then he attacks back for 17 dead guardsmen. Gulp.

Having lost combat by lots, I pick up the die for morale and roll an 11. This is the moment of truth. My strategy is make-or-break on passing the reroll. I pick up the dice and roll a 10! Raust, his non-executed sergeant, and a single dude with a flamer break and run from combat!

Being unable to sweep due to termie armor, Raust gets away.

After this point, the field looked like this:


With his army now free to roam about at will, I'm now one cowardly commissar into my worst nightmare. Free to engage anything and everything with some of the choppiest units in the game, my opponent moves in for the kill.

Shooting is actually pretty minimal, as my opponent's fast rhinos spent most of their time driving. The only real exception to this is the dakka pred, which aces an ogryn, and an assault cannon which turns the Zonhaim assassin into head-on-a-strap soup with side of baguette.

Close combat starts with the librarian who had peeled off attacking Rhamael and killing a couple (he had actually blood lanced for a single kill before that). Rhamael's frantic power sword swinging is unable to put a wound on the libby, and in a panic fails his morale check and runs away.

Then the dread turns his talons back on and shreds a whole mess of guardsmen, pruning the abblative wounds in the squad down to precious few. The priest missed with both his attacks, but at least a meltabomb got a glance (yeah) for a "weapon destroyed" result.

Then came the rest of the assault:

The enemy had broken through my lines due to the cowardly nature of the leading commissar. I shall have to insist that Caspar summarily execute him at his earliest convenience. In the meanwhile, though, Caspar could see that a man of his qualities was needed. Excusing himself to save his "posse", the Lord Commissar charged forward straight into the thick of it.

Such marvalous gallantry! Truly he is a man of my stock!

In close combat, the huge pile of attacks primarily fell on the ogryn, with only the reclusiarch being able to make it over towards my lord commissar. Needless to say, chainswords didn't work quite as well against ogryn as guardsmen, but the power fist and thunder hammer put down enough damage to finish them off. The lord commissar showed the reclusiarch that WS5 goes both ways, and bounced a couple of power weapon wounds off his refractor field with only taking one wound in the end. The Lord commissar then turns and punches the boogers out of three of the death company.

Unlike the rest of the comissariat, Caspar has balls of steel, and sticks around in the melee despite the loss of his pals.

After this point, the field looked like this:

Well, this was it. Earlier in the game, I had thrown a full-strength power blob against his deathstar and it had literally bounced. Now, all I had was a not-full-health power blob and a couple of fleeing power weapons. Right now, I was seriously in fear of getting wiped.

So I had two options. Either I could retreat everything, and just hand him the win, and go for not getting massacred, or I could risk everything on one last, desperate gamble...

I looked around me. My condition was very grim. All around me, men retreated in a panicked rout. The only brave souls left alive were being butchered where they stood. I reached deep into my heart and spoke with a loud shout to my men.

"We must now consider, men, that this is the time of struggle most desperate. This is the time where you are called upon to decide the very fate of your friends, your loved ones, and your righteous cause. Who here dares to face the enemy in combat? No, I ask you now, who dares cowardly retreat and everlasting shame on himself and his house? Who dares pass his duty off? Who here dares hear the call to ply all that is within him and respond that there is nothing therewithin?

Now is not the time for petty bravery, or cheap thought and vain action. Now is not the time for fear, and shock, and misery. Now is the time, when, by the command of the Emperor your god, and the hand of the king of Folera, His blessed servant to our kind, you shall take all that is holy, all that is proud, all that is noble, all that is fearsomely good and great, and bear this upon your foe with all the vigor and terror that can be released upon them. Not long can such as they bear the bloody carnage of those such as we! Truly, they are but a moment from being scattered as dust before our wind, as the herd before our trumpet, as the very soul itself from the mighty tempest!

So forward, to glory! Long live Folera! Long live the King! Long live the Emperor!


Daxos steps up and rallies Raust. He then turns and rallies Rhamael. Bonus points to the nearby lord commissar.

Everything charges in as hard as it can:

On the top, the power blob instantly smushes the librarian, and consolidate 5" towards the scouts, putting them just out of reach of the objective, but in easy charge range next turn.

In the center, the reclusiarch downs the lord commissar, and then my power weapons go in. 16 power weapons put down a PAINFUL 3 hits on his death company for only two dead death company. The rest of everything attacks the reclusiarch, but only a single wound makes it through the invul save, while almost all of the regular attacks are stopped by FNP. I lose combat, but this time everything finally stays in the dang fight.

Meanwhile, the talon dreadnought went on a spree again, killing the blob down to the priest, the commissar, the sergeants, and just a couple of guys. The eviscerator is hefted high in this dire moment. The priest scores a hit. The hit penetrates. He rolls a ONE on the damage table...

After this point, the field looked like this:


My opponent begins turn 5 by dropping off some assault marines on the center objective, and bringing everything else in.

Shooting sees the scouts gun down the astropath with a heavy bolter, and the lone sniper in the squad, with the help of his buddies, takes down Daxos.

Meanwhile, the assault cannon razorback does terrible things to the remaining healthy blob. No worries, I've still got lots of abblative wounds. Then the whirlwind shot and scattered way off, only clipping a couple of guys. I lose a single guardsmen. No biggie.

And then the squad FAILED ITS PINNING CHECK.

In close combat, Raust and Rhamael realise what the "on" position on their power weapons do and horribly massacre the last couple of death company. Meanwhile, 12 power weapon attacks are on the reclusiarch only put down one wound that sticks. Then the rest attack, putting down two wounds. One passes armor, the other fails armor but passes FNP. As he's lost combat by one, he makes a fearless test and fails his armor save, but is saved from immanent death by FNP again.

Things wind down with the dread again flubbing his talon attacks and my eviscerator priest hitting him yet again, and yet again getting a penetrating hit. This time, the dreadnought is finally wrecked.

After this point, the field looked like this:

I enter the turn heartbroken. The reclusiarch was supposed to have been killed, and my troops were supposed to run over and capture two objectives. The squad on top wasnt supposed to have been pinned, which would have allowed him to take the objective that the scouts are on to win the game. As it is, none of that happened.

With little to move or shoot, the turn ends with me beating the absolute living piss out of the reclusiarch, and rolling low for consolidation.

After this point, the field looked like this:

But not to worry, his forces are finally broken. Now I can lead the charge to at LEAST a draw.

I roll the die to continue, and roll a 2.


The Blood Angels held three objectives to the Imperial Guard's one, for a Blood Angel's victory.

- And that's it. That's the limit of a power blob list right there. Against a fearsome player with a terrifying list and really bad luck, not even the vaunted Foleran First can pull victory. It can not be said that I didn't try my best. At least I did better than last time I played against this player fielding Blood Angels.

MVP: As strange as this is, this award has to go to Daxos. Usually my command squad serves little more than bait and a source of extra run orders. This game he literally made the difference between a possible wipe and what should have been a draw. The 3 extra power weapons and 2 extra units to target meant that his wounded but still actionable death company was forced to spread its attacks around before getting power weaponed.

Hero of the Game: This goes to my lord commissar. Not only did he bravely stare down a reclusiarch death company charge, but his power fist took down half of the death company (including the medic), weakening the squad to the point where it was possible to kill it. That and being around to boost morale when Daxos was giving his speech was a nice touch, not to mention that he actually HELD HIS GROUND, which meant I got the charge on him, rather than the other way around.

I awoke, blurry, in the medicae. Apparently I had taken more wounds than I had remembered in the excitement of the battle, and had gone faint. A priest had tended my wounds and carried me back to the aid station, which is woefully short on basic medical supplies, such as embroidered napkins and toast points cut in a DIAGONAL fashion for my caviar.

The fighting, I was told, was brutal to the last, but my men, devoid of my leadership, were ultimately unable to secure their objectives.

This battle is nearly at an end, however, and supreme local command has dictated one final push, after which the city should finally be cleared of the entirety of our enemy. I look forward to rejoining my men once I am able to procure reasonable amenities whilst confined to my current objectionable residence.

In grateful service,

Sir Daxos P. Clinton III - KAP, EKS, ICM - Foleran Armies in his Majesty's Royal Dictate.
Blood Conquers All

The final results of this game put my opponent and myself tied for first place at the end of the league. Next saturday will be the tournament that ends this league. Look for an overview soon!