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This game brought the sixth game of the 1850 pt. league. This game was against the terminator-list-of-doom person who was my partner in the previous fixed team escalation league.

THE OPPONENT: My opponent doesn't play space wolves...
1850 pts.

Grimnar, Bringer of Beatdowns
Space Wolves Chaplain
- with termie armor

5-man termie squad TH/SS, chainfist, wolf claws
5-man termie squad TH/SS, chainfist, wolf claws (Chaplain went here)
5-man termie squad chainfist, frost weapon, cyclone
5-man termie squad chainfist, frost weapon, cyclone, heavy flamer
5-man termie squad TH/SS, chainfist, 2x wolf claws, 2x frost weapons (Grimnar went here)

Land Raider

THE DEFENDER: White and Brown, Smack 'em Down!
1850 pts.

I used a shiny new list 6-1850-a. This marks the final departure from the list 5 series. The ogryn are still there, but straken, hydras, a priest, the third troops choice have been replaced with a lord commissar, 2x missile launcher teams, a consolidation of the third platoon into just two, and, for the first time this battle report series, a unit of plasma stormies.

The mission was seize ground, the deployment was pitched. I won the roll to go first and was going to give it up, as that would make it easier to entrap my opponent, but I eventually decide that being able to choose the other side of the board would be preferable to having to maneuver blobs through city ruins on my side and decide to take first turn.

At deployment, the field looked like this:

Because my opponent had placed an objective way over on one side, I made sure I followed suit so that Rhamael could arrive and take both of them. I also took the liberty of putting the bulk of my forces over on that side. However, I wanted to spread my opponent out as much as I could, forcing him to care about the far right objective as well (which I didn't). As such, I strung out my CCS in the middle and a missile launcher in the center, and a long line of big, brightly colored ogryn on the far right.

Thankfully, my opponent took the bait. He started by thinly stretching his terminators across the entire field. Grimnar and his boys reinforced the left, but I was reasonably certain that 4 power blobs would be able to handle 2 termie squads with no serious problems.

My opponent tried to seize the initiative, but failed.


A few days ago, an officer by the name of Melchoir arrived at our lines. Seemed he had some forces that needed bailing out, and in a rush. I could see how things were processing down the field of battle. The events of the last few weeks. The enemy was crushed. Beaten. Given a fistful and kept asking for more.

They were in a rout, and marshal Clinton was keeping them that way. Dug in like a tick on a dog. We save him, and the entire enemy front just implodes like a sack of oranges sucked into the vacuum of space.

So I did it. I took command of some forces, and I lead 'em in. Me and my other progenitum boys. Put up a hell of a fight, and we didn't find much when we arrived. With reinforcements, the bad guys never stood a chance. All we had to do was extend Daxos out and we'd completely encircle most of what was left. This was a good thing.

The thinnest point to attack on was also the best defended. The enemy knew we were coming straight in for the jugular, so they put armor on their neck. Tactical dreadnought armor. Right on their throats.

It didn't matter, this was where we needed to attack. So I attacked. I gathered some of the biggest brutes I could find. Daxos lead his forces in and I tagged along. This was going to be conquest at its most brutal. I was going to need a shower and three shaves after this one.

My turn begins with a cautious advance. On the one hand, I want to make sure I can tackle him all at once when my forces arrive. On the other hand, I don't want my opponent to suddenly get all defensive, which would leave my troops attacking on two different turns (Rhamael on one, and then the other dudes a turn later because my opponent was still too far up field to reach at the same time). Plus, he has a 20" threat range on those termies out of an assault ramp, and I'd really rather he not charge me.

Shooting sees BiD on 6 missile launcher guys throwing a single glance on the raider, which is stopped by cover.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In return, my opponent decided to cautiously advance to match my own cautious advance.

Shooting saw a couple of frag cyclones at my missile launchers with one wound making it through cover.

After this point, the field looked like this:


I was hoping that the turn would start with all three of my reserve units coming in. Rhamael would BiD explode the land raider, my Zonhaim assassin would drop an AP2 demo charge straight on the clustered cargo, and the stormies would use plasma to clean up. If anything survived of Grimnar's squad, it would get eaten by two power blobs. Easy peasy.

Of course, that's if things had gone absolutely perfectly to plan, which they didn't. Rhamael and the Zonhaim both decided to remain off the field, while my plasma stormies decided to arrive. Without being able to be used in synergy with either of those two, I was basically forced to use them with the ogryn and lord commissar. My opponent has his termies half on one side of a wall and half on the other, so I dropped them in right on the side so that there would be no cover for him:

Then my boys showed up to give me a hand. Great group of guys, the progenitum. They'll all make fine commissars some day. Unless they get killed.

Knowing which way the capper was flapping, I got to work. I shouted at my ogryn to get into the fight. "Hey, ogryn! Let's go", or something. Then the ogryn leader says to me "Less go, ifna?", and I don't have a clue what he's talking about. And then I get told over the vox by Daxos that I've got to take a "gentlemanly tone" with them, and how to order them around "properly". "Less go, ifna pleese!" I shout, and they sprung right into action.

Damn if it doesn't feel fine to command big, sweaty monsters on the field. Emperor bless 'em. That's right.

Movement on the right sees me hesitantly consolidating my forces. I still dont' want a big surprise from grimnar, and I'm not ready to attack without rhamael. I do send forward my melta PCS to act as bait, or at least a speedbump. Seeing his party wagon shot at by melta gets the point across, even though it does no damage.

Meanwhile, I unload on the right-center termies which have claimed the right-side objectives. 4 plasma guns see 3 hits and an overheat. The overheat fries the stormie, but the 3 hits see 2 dead termies. Hellgun shots are stopped by armor. Then I unload with ripper guns, which see something atrocious like 9 wounds, of which my opponent fails two armor saves, one of which landed on the chaplain.

After this point, the field looked like this:

My opponent begins his turn by keeping his land raider perfectly still, while only barely creeping his left side termies up onto the obejctive (thanks in part to poor difficult terrain rolls). On the right, he reclaims the right side objective and sends some support in from the far-right termie squad.

Shooting sees the raider throw some wounds down on the left side blob and a lascannon vaporizing a missile launcher team. Cyclones shot out bagging a few more clustered guys on the left and finishing off a missile launcher team in the center. Then storm bolters chime in, lightly dinging my ogryn, while mangling my bait PCS on the left and killing three stormies on the right.

The stormies decided to break and run, but only 2". At least this kept the far-right termies out of assault range.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Turn three began with a dark shadow appearing in the window above the upper-right objective. Severed head on a leather strap in hand, and silent as the grave...

We were already fighting over on my side. I could not for the life of me figure out what was keeping Daxos. Then I heard his whistle. Sharp and shrill. There was a loud cry from the men, as his men were the instigators of a mass charge. I could barely contain a holler myself.

So many men. Like ants attacking a wounded pigeon. That's how we do it, gentlemen.


Rhamael showed up, and it was hard to pack them all in there. On the other side, the stormies continued their retreat, but by only a reasonable distance.

Shooting sees me catastrophically fail all of my orders except a FRF on the bottom right blob. My dice decide to continue to roll high as I pump out melta from Rhamael's squad and 2 hits see two penetrating hits, causing the vehicle to explode, but, very thankfully, only 1". The only model hurt by the blast on either side is the meltagunner who tagged the raider.

At this point, I'm left to wonder what to do with the Zonhaim. On the one hand, I'd like to blow Grimnar to kingdom come. On the other hand, I'm basically guaranteed something like 20 dead guardsmen if it scatters wrong. Deciding that three power blobs and Rhamael should be able to do the job, the assassin literally drops the demo charge out the window onto the unsuspecting terminators below (now numbering only 4 after one of the HUGE pile of FRF shots made it through an armor save). The shot hits dead on, hitting all 4 of them. I roll three 1's to wound, putting down only a single terminator. Worst. Demo charge. Ever.

To make up for this abberation, my CCS throws down 3 BS4 melta shots for 2 dead termies, leaving only a single dude with a heavy flamer.

I then unload with three flamers and 10 pistol shots and surprisingly take down 2 with failed armor saves on grimnar's squad.

Meanwhile, the retreating plasma stormie throws down two shots for two hits, two wounds, and two failed cover saves. The ripper guns then line up and the lone, wounded chaplain can't quite make all 8 of his armor saves, finishing off the squad.

Then came close combat. I played really aggressively with my priests. I figure that they've got invul saves for just this reason, and I've got so much other death going into this, that I hopefully don't need rerolls. What I wasn't counting on was countercharge. This put down just enough wounds to take down both priests.

In wrathful vengeance for the loss of my priests, I put down 40 power weapon attacks (oh, and some regular attacks), about half of them on grimnar himself. Doing the math after the fact, I had enough to expect the whole squad to go down, but I will admit that it was a little surprising to see the three power weapon wounds I put on grimnar all beat his 4++.

With about 800 or so points of terminators and land raiders instantly vaporized, my troops consolidated forward in a mass human wave.

After this point, the field looked like this:

What those little green X's on that picture signify is that in a single player turn, my opponent just saw something like 1400 points disappear in the blink of an eye.

In response, he did what he's been doing the whole game: tentatively advancing.

Shooting begins with cyclone launchers wreaking havoc on my tightly clustered infantry while the lone surviving terminator on the left side of the field was armed with a heavy flamer. In a single shot, 9 guardsmen went down. Ouch.

Then he charged said lone terminator in. For how nicely my dice had rolled last turn, they flubbed it this turn, only putting down 1 wound, which was stopped by the invul save. In return, he fisted a couple guardsmen. I ALMOST ran, but a 9 was good enough.

The only other action was on the right side where his termies ran to re-capture the right side objective.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Wave after wave they came against me. Wave after mechanized wave. The ogryn reloaded their hand cannons and prepared another burst. "Holda ground, iffa pleese!" I shouted. "I don wanna!" one of them replied. I reached down to my megaphone and turned up the power to 11. "HOLDA GROUN! IFFA PLEESE!" This seemed to work.

I ordered my men to fire. So many shots. Bang, the went. Bang, Bang. I double-took the field and saw Daxos' men. They were already on a rampage. Their shouts were terrifying - a human wave, crashing in the night. Bloody. I say.

In no time, a soldier had raised the colors while the rest of the forces advanced in an unending tide.

In my turn, my ogryn continued their dance with the remaining right side termies. Unfortunately, the plasma gunner was JUST out of 12", and this time the termies passed their torrent of ripper gun saves.

In assault, my blobs easily finished off his last terminator on the left.

After this point, the field looked like this:

In return, my opponent consolidates on the right side objective.

Shooting sees his cyclone launcher picking another few guardsmen out of cover. That and his storm bolters start finding 5's in the to-wound rolls, putting an ogryn down.

After this point, the field looked like this:


Turn five started with my moving my missile launcher team on the right down and out of cover (with the help of a run). Next turn, assuming the termies aren't there anymore, they should easily be able to claim the objective. Likewise, I throw Rhamael onto the flag objective.

Meanwhile, the left side charges forward, and is helped with some good fleet rolls for a change.

This just left the ogryn. Ideally, I'd get into a 12" slugfest from the other piece of nearby cover. Me wounding on 3's with lots of shots against Sv2 were very likely to win against his fewer shots which wounded on 5's against my 4+ cover. That said, I wasn't certain of how I'd position it. In the end, I decide to just go in for the charge.

Ripper guns unload and down 2 again, and the close combat commences.

I'd had enough of this shooting. Plus, the ogryn were now basically out of ammunition. "CHARGE IFFA PLEESE! CHARGE IFFA PLEESE!" I shouted through my megaphone. The ogryn were keen to my message. They charged. Oh yes they did. How about that?

One of the fiends turned and attacked me. He was rabid, like he was trying to bite me. Bite me! He slashed with his power weapon, and I breathed ozone, but not before the cretin stuck me with his glowing pig sticker. He makes me sick, so I decided to punch him.

Oh yes, punch him I did, and then again. Beat his brains out all over, the scoundrel! Sent him right back to whatever hell he came from.

21 S6 attacks put down a gruesome 10 wounds on the terminators. Two failed armor saves. The lord commissar bounced a shot off his refractor field but still took a wound to a power weapon before the commissar turned him into a punchcicle when he failed one of his two invul saves.

Meanwhile, what the 3x power blob of doom human wave did to grimnar, it did to 5 termies without grimnar.

After this point, the field looked like this:


I wiped my opponent for an Imperial Guard victory.

- Ogryn > Terminators. I didn't have an appreciation for this fact before this game. My opponent needing to roll 5's to wound really put a wet blanket on his killing power, both with power weapons and with storm bolters. Meanwhile, with S5 and S6 shots being rolled by the fistfuls, he needed to make a LOT of armor saves. 3 turns of shooting ripper guns and one turn of furious charge over the course of this game put down 51 S5 shots and 21 S6 attacks, which should have caused 26 wounds for 4.5 dead terminators (the ogryn got 5 this game). With proper support, what I had planned as a holding force turned into a terminator... terminator.

- This is only my first game with the 6-series list, but I've got to say I'm liking it. The original idea of list 5 was to hammer the enemy with artillery and then mop up with infantry. Having replaced my heavy support choices for elites choices, I actually feel like I have a stronger list. Instead of simply going for pure damage and then just hoping for the best, I've now got more nuianced uses out of my support units, that can be used in different combinations. More importantly, I feel like all three choices synergize much better with my infantry than did my previous options.

- I saw three games this night (including my own), and in all three of them, the player who lost did so primarily because their forces were badly out of cohesion. In the case of my particular game, I started the game with only 340 points on the left while my opponent put down something like 600. When my hammer fell, it was a full 1200 points onto just over half that. In this case, force cohesion (along with varying degrees of poor luck), really killed the losing player.

MVP: Rhamael, of course. Not only did he wreck yet another land raider, but he also drug in all those power blobsmen. Interestingly enough, I got a LOT of mileage out of "like the wind!" this game. A few decent fleet rolls over a couple of turns saw my human wave crashing into the remnants of his forces on turn 5 rather than turn 6.

Hero of the Game: That one stormie who bravely stared down 10 termies with a termie chaplain and killed nearly half of them by himself. That wasn't a retreat, that was a strut of awesomeness back to base.

Well and that was that. Victory was total. Within an hour, we linked up with other Imperium forces on the other side. The enemy's last failing resistance was now totally trapped within the city. What an awful thing to be them, you know?

Artillery would begin pounding them into submission soon. I collected my Ogryn together. They all won a little gold star for being there, and being them, as far as my little sticker chart on the wall was concerned.

Hold tight, and prepare for counterattacks by the few enemy remained free. Soon there would be no evil left.

Not here anyways. By the Emperor, not here.

- Caspar