TERRAIN - Storage Shed

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So, despite the failure of my first attempt at a plasticard building, I really wanted to try a structure again. I learned a lot of lessons from my first attempt, some of them being:

- Don't have too many points of contact, or the tolerances will be way higher than my accuracy (a.k.a. every time I add something new, something old breaks).

- Keep the project simple, or I'll lose interest.

- Building something lighter will be easier than something heavier.

As such, for my next project, I decided to do a corrugated steel storage shack. It will be "breakable" like my store idea, but I'm going to throw out the double walls (which would look wierd for this project any ways), and the pins to hold it in place. Instead, it's going to be formed plasticard built on a regular plasticard frame.

So, the first thing (after figuring out the size of the base and walls, etc.) is to get the materials cut out and then assembled together, starting with the bottom part of the building. Given that this is going to be a light, AV10 building, it wouldn't really make sense for part of the roof to remain standing, so I decided to make the entire roof detach when the building is destroyed.

Construction of the bottom part, was a matter of cutting out a lot of thin pieces of plasticard to act as support lumber, and then casing the whole thing in the corrugated material.

Then it was a matter of making the roof. Just gluing these really thin pieces of plasticard together at an angle created a very precarious bond. As such, I needed to do a lot of reinforcement. My wife suggested that I put some support struts that go across between the roof parts, which provided a lot of stability. It's surprising how my efforts to make something as stable as possible while using the fewest resources, and spending as little time as possible just so happened to give me a design startlingly close to real life ones.

I can tell that I'm doing something right, as this actually looks a decent amount like a real building, when looked at through the front door.

Then, of course, there was the matter of doing the base. I wanted to put a lot of crap in there for two reasons. The first is that I need this to still act as terrain even when the building is either partially or completely destroyed. The second is that I need to have stuff in to pin the walls against the generic ground-filler plasticard material (like in the rock projects). As there would be no pins to keep this all in place, I decided to clamp it from the outside, rather than support it from within the walls themselves.

Then, of course, the moment of truth. As this building is roughly the size of a chimera, I figured that it should be able to hold 10 normal sized models. Of course, all the models should be able to actually fit in the building once it takes a solid hit.

Thankfully, it does, indeed, hold 10 models, with just a little room to spare.

As well, it also holds a single large base, meaning that a dreadnought or a sentinel could chill out in the building:

While I still have some detail work to add, this is basically what it looks like before I'm going to spray prime it:

The best part is that this project won't take me all that much longer to do than the previous rock project, making the chances of me doing something like this again pretty high.

Painting this was a bit more time-consuming than I thought, but I finally got the bottom done. I've already started on the walls, and it's going to go WAY faster. Anyways, here is what I have so far. It will act as the base for the completed, or partially destroyed building, and is a terrain piece in and of itself if the building is completely anihilated, or I just want to use it as a supply dump.

As I suspected, the walls were a lot easier to do than the base. The only thing I'm left wondering is if I should put a fine drybrush of bleached bone on the bottom part to make it look like dust has been kicked up in there, or if that would interfere too heavily with the rust.

Over the holidays I finally got this terrain piece done. Without further ado, here is the final product.

First, pictures of the second ruined wall:

And here it is with all of the parts assembled:

So, in all this project went okay. The results of the construction seem a little shabby, but thankfully I picked something that could look a little dilapidated and still look just fine. This is the first piece of terrain that I've had to paint, and I'm surprised how much longer it took me compared to my initial projections. That being said, it really wound up completing the piece.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy. I'm already most of the way through constructing a trench line, and have a half-constructed destroyable guard tower in the works, along with an idea for a hedgerow to finally get some real amount of green in my terrain.