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So, I was looking at my desk yesterday and was looking at one of the big chunks of limestone that I crush into very tiny bits in order to do basing with them. One of them had a blood angel's marine on it (I have no idea where I got it from), which gave me the idea of turning that particular chunk of rock into a piece of terrain.

Of course, being an actual rock, rather than something designed to be made into terrain, it wasn't exactly flat on the bottom. None of my limestone is. Here's a rough idea of how well my rocks lie flat:

That is to say, not at all.

But I had hope! After cutting out an appropriately shaped piece of plasticard, priming it, and getting the base color down, I looked for where the few points of actual contact were, and put superglue down on them. Then, I took a big blob of greenstuff (that I'd already made), stuck that on the bottom in the middle, and put a little bit of glue on the bottom of that. I then stuck the whole mess onto the base. Note that the reason I put greenstuff down was to give me at least a little bit of surface area to form a sound bond for the rock onto the base. If it breaks off still, I'll have a nice platform to actually glue it back on.

Anyways, I still had the problem of the rock looking like an asteroid that was very carefully placed on the desert floor. In order to make this look realistic, I'm going to need at least a part of the rock to blend into the background. To do this, I used plasticard:

Basically, I just carefully fit, cut, and rounded the edges off of some junk plasticard and layered it on top of itself, making sure to glue it to the rock when I could.

Of course, this would leave it looking a little bit wonkey, so I also went in with a little greenstuff here and there and smoothed it out a little bit (especially where the rock met directly with the base, and I needed it to look like sand was pooling under it). Once done, I hand-painted a primer layer on, and then base coated it:

After this, it was a matter of painting it the actual sand color (in this case bleached bone). Then, I crushed up a bunch of limestone like I usually do for my basing, and used the exact same technique to get a bunch of "gravel" on there. After that, I glued some of my desert scrub brush foliage stuff on there, and the result was about as good as I'd expected:

I think it got the impression of a rock sticking up out of the sand rather than lying on top of it rather well. Anyways, here's one with some minis on it for scale:

Now, this might seem like the terrain piece is too small (well, it's none too big), but all terrain looks small until you see imperial guardsmen cowering behind it:

Anyways, this was a neat little project that cost me no money, and only took a couple of hours, at most. I'm definitely thinking of doing some more of these in the future.