TERRAIN - Palisade

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While I'm working on my next destroyable building, I decided that I should also have a simpler terrain project going on for when I go crosseyed from trying to precisely balance and line up stuff.

As such, I've started work on a generic fortified position. The problem, of course, is that I can't do a trench proper due to the fact that I can't bring a movable hole. What I can do is to build it up, and have a "trench" system that is built above ground, rather than below.

Here it is in it's assembled state:

Basically, it's a bunch of "boards" that have been stuck in the ground with sand and dirt blown up on it (along with some natural unevenness).

I'm not actually 100% happy with how the weathered boards came out. It feels like they're missing a vital textured pattern that, despite several attempts, I couldn't get to look realistic. I'll have to try something to the actual plasticard next time.

Sorry for the cruddy pictures. In any case, it looks better when it's in action anyways: