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Last weekend, I decided to put together a little terrain piece. My current FLGS league is giving out league points for repairing store terrain, and for making new stuff and donating it to the store. I think this is rather clever, actually, as it gives monetary incentives for giving the store more terrain in a way that is free, monetarily, to the store (prizes come from league fees). Anyways, I took the last league due to its emphasis on painting. This new league scaled this back to a reasonable level (you only get painting points for showing up with a fully-painted army to your games, rather than for every painted model you have in your collection), but it left the terrain points cap off the table, meaning that if I only made terrain for the next few weeks, and no one else did, I'd be a shoo-in for first place. Of course, I DO have other things I've got to do than make terrain, so I decided to start with something simple.

I had done some terrain a few years ago (you can see them in my battle reports as those pieces of terrain that are flocked like my guardsmen), and when I wandered away, I left several half-complete projects. I decided to pick up one-such project and try again.

This terrain piece was a fence, with a bit of space to put something of level 2 on it. I was originally thinking of like a water tower or something. I'd built the fence out of .05" plasticard, but it didn't look very good. I decided to start by stripping all the old boards out. It would wind up being useful later on.

This time, I started by making the fence posts, and making long cross-boards out of .05", but then making new vertical boards out of .03", which was not only much easier, but it also looked much nicer. I used my knife to throw some long wood-grain-esque lines on the boards to be, chopped them into length, and... well... built a fence with it.

For the second-level thing, I went back and forth. I had a lot of options, but only so big of a base, and only so much patience. I decided to go for something that used a lot of the old, ripped-out boards. In the end, what I made doesn't make a lot of sense, but it looks dilapidated, and it certainly serves its purpose.

The only problem was that I needed a way of turning it from generic terrain into 40k terrain. Thankfully, I have a LOT of guard bitz just laying around. A few strategically-placed pieces turned it into a scouting post.

Then it was to the paint, which was pretty easy. Spray black, paint brown, drybrush codex grey, and then drybrush fortress grey. The guard bitz were interesting because it's my first non-brown guard bitz, and I'm actually rather pleased with the rust spots, even though they don't come across well in the pictures.

The best part is that it is a possibly unique terrain form at my store. The fence is high enough that it actually blocks line of sight for infantry units hiding behind it, and still gives cover saves to guys against higher-up assailants like vehicles or guys up on the second floor of something.

Equally important for me was that this was free (I already had the plasticard, paint, and sand from a local park), and it took only pretty light work on the weekend to get it finished. At some point I may have to go back and make something like this in Foleran flocking.

Of course, I also had to use it in last monday's game, which was kind of neat: