Changes in the rules of 40k from 5th to 6th edition

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This covers mostly changes to the rules for things that were different in 5th edition. New stuff will be mentioned, but only noted if it has some major impact on the game on-table. This list is sorted by page number - the number at the front of each entry refers to the page it can be found on.

2 - Modifiers are expanded and given explicit definition, along with the order they occur.

2 - Wounds can now be modified above 10.

3 - Bases for models now have the additional caveat of being by what is reasonable or by permission.

3 - If Strength or Toughness is reduced to zero, the model is a casualty.

4 - Pre-measuring is no longer against the rules. Break out that tape measure!

5 - When dividing die rolls, round up.

5 - Randomizing and roll-off rules have been formalized.

6 - The small arrow on scatter dice no longer means anything (unless specified by a special rule otherwise).

7 - A characteristic test against a unit with mixed characteristics is now taken against the highest characteristic.

7 - More specific rules now officially trump more general rules.

8 - Who counts as a controlling and an opposing unit has been formalized.

10 - Models may not voluntarily move off the board.

10 - Classification of movement is done by-model, not by unit. Units can now have some models that count as having moved and some that count as being stationary.

10 - Models now move at their own maximum speed, rather than being constrained by the slowest model in the unit.

10 - Rules restricting movement through spaces smaller than their base has been lifted.

13 - A roll of a 1 to hit always misses.

13 - The effect of movement on shooting is now determined by-model, not by-unit. cf. rule on page 10.

13 - New rule for the existence of Snap Fire.

15 - Wound Allocation redone.

15 - Wounds apply to closest model, and are individually resolved until that model is killed.

15 - Random allocation when closest model cannot be ascertained.

15 - Mixed weapon types now resolved as separate pools of wounds.

16 - Wounds can only be applied to models that can actually be seen.

16 - Addition of Look out, Sir! rule.

18 - Models now get cover saves, rather than units.

18 - A model gets a cover save if it is at least 25% obscured from the point of view of any opposing models.

18 - Going to ground no longer supersedes morale checks.

19 - Intervening model cover save reduced to 5+.

20 - Addition of Focus Fire rule.

21 - Addition of Overwatch rule.

21 - Charge range is now determined randomly.

23 - Pile in move is now at the initiative step.

23 - Pile in move reduced to 3".

23 - Models in a unit that is locked in close combat but are not engaged themselves must move closer to enemy models.

25 - Wound allocation in assault is like that of shooting. The only exception is that you can pick models in a tie for closest.

26 - Melee weapons now have an Ap value.

26 - Units can now voluntarily run away from close combats against units they can't hurt.

27 - Multiple assaults lose the bonus attack for charging.

27 - Multiple assaults trigger overwatch from all units they assault.

28 - In a multiple assault, a model must engage with the primary unit if it can.

30 - While retreating, units can only Snap Fire.

30 - Models that are running away from close combat can move through the enemy unit that they're running from.

30 - Trapped! rule makes no sense now, given the above.

31 - Units can regroup while falling back at 25%, rather than 50%.

31 - Units can regroup while at less than 25% with an insane heroism roll.

31 - Units can regroup even if there is an enemy unit within 6".

31 - After regrouping, units may only Snap Fire.

34 - Barrage weapons may now fire within the minimum range of the weapon.

34 - Ballistic skill is no longer removed from barrage weapons, regardless of if they have line of sight.

34 - Hit results on scatter die in multiple barrages can be placed anywhere, no requirement to "flip" the template.

34 - Hits against vehicles with barrage weapons always hit side armor, regardless of the center of blast.

35 - Fearless no longer causes "fearless saves" when you lose close combat.

35 - FNP reduced to 5+ by default. It is no longer invalidated by weapons that ignore armor saves.

35 - Fleet no longer allows you to run and then charge. Gives extra D6" of movement instead.

36 - Deepstrike mishaping no longer quite so bad.

37 - Furious charge no longer gives an initiative bonus. Doesn't work at all in a multi-charge.

37 - Gets hot! now effects vehicles.

38 - Jink replaces Skimmer Moving Fast.

38 - Jink only gives 5+ save most of the time.

41 - Rage now gives +2 attacks.

41 - Scout move taken before a game is no longer a move, it's a redeployment.

42 - Sniper weapons gain Precision Shot.

45 - Bikes get Jink.

45 - Bikes get Hammer of Wrath.

46 - Artillery pieces now have Wounds and Saves.

47 - Jump pack movement can now be used in either assault or movement.

47 - If jump packs use their movement in assault, the unit gets Hammer of Wrath.

47 - Jet packs allow assault out of deepstrike.

48 - Monstrous creatures gain Smash and Fear.

48 - Beasts and cavalry no longer slowed by difficult terrain, but treat difficult terrain as dangerous.

48 - Cavalry gain Hammer of Wrath.

49 - Flying monstrous creatures gain swooping.

49 - Swooping MCs can not be charged, targeted by blasts or templates, can voluntarily leave the board can dive (similar to going to ground), and can be grounded.

51 - Tau gain close combat weapons. Congratulations, guys!

51 - Heavy weapons can fire Snap Fire even after moving.

52 - Models with two pistols can now fire them both.

52 - Rapid fire weapons no longer have any restrictions if the model moved.

52 - Addition of Salvo weapons that work similar to old rapid fire.

52 - Template weapons do D3 hits in overwatch.

60 - Force and power weapons now only Ap3 by default. Unless prohibited, models can now take types of these weapons including force staves, power axes and the like. New rules for these weapons provided.

61 - Grenades can now be used as shooting weapons.

61 - Assault grenades no longer useful against vehicles.

61 - Krak grenades and meltabombs can now be used against monstrous creatures.

61 - Introduction of the rule allowing you to challenge characters in close combat.

63 - Characters (special, independent, or otherwise), gain precision shot and precision strike.

63 - Characters (likewise) must always make it into base contact in close combat as fast as they are able.

66 - Rules for Psykers nearly completely redone. Perils changed, Deny the Witch added, psychic hoods made much worse.

70 - Vehicles have hull points.

71 - Vehicles can shoot all weapons at combat speed. One is at BS, the other are snap fired.

71 - Vehicles can shoot all weapons at cruising speed. All shots are snap fired.

72 - Flat-out movement changed. Made more like infantry running.

73 - Blast weapons do full damage against vehicles regardless of how the template touches them. Center of marker requirements are gone.

74 - Vehicle damage table changed. Vehicles are now tougher against weapons with Ap3 or worse

74 - Glancing hits now just remove a hull point. Penetrating hits remove a hull point and then roll on the damage table.

74 - Vehicles that are shaken may still fire, but only snap shots.

74 - Random weapon is destroyed with a weapon destroyed result.

74 - Multiple immobilized results no longer require the vehicle to be weaponless to count as destroyed.

76 - In order to charge a vehicle, you must have some way to damage it.

77 - Vehicles are much easier to destroy in close combat, with the addition of a weapon skill (that varies little based on vehicle movement), and penetrating hits in close combat doing two hull points worth of damage.

77 - Vehicles in a squadron don't have to use the same kind of movement (cruising, combat, etc.)

77 - Vehicles in a squadron that have been immobilized can now be abandoned. Abandoned models fight on as a new unit.

77 - Wound allocation to vehicles in a squadron now like that of wound allocation against infantry.

78 - Units in a transport can now target different units in shooting than their transport.

79 - Units can no longer disembark if the transport moved more than 6".

79 - Disembarkation changed. Models now move out of the vehicle.

79 - Transported units can overwatch when the transport is charged.

80 - Vehicle explosions now S4.

80 - Fliers added to the game.

82 - Chariots added to the game.

83 - Heavy vehicles added to the game.

83 - Fast units extra movement now moved to flat out movement.

84 - Immobilization causing wrecked results for skimmers expanded.

84 - Walkers can now overwatch.

84 - Immobilized walkers are now hit on rear armor in close combat.

85 - Tank shocking no longer automatically moves models.

86 - Skimmers can no longer dodge ram attempts, must use Jink save instead.

87 - Smoke grenades now confer only 5+ cover save.

90 - Armor and invulnerable saves may now be taken against failed dangerous terrain tests.

93 - Damage to buildings now hurts the guys inside. This uses a different type of wound allocation.

94 - Grenades can now be thrown through fire ports.

95 - Battlements added to the game.

98 - Unit coherency across levels of ruins increased to 6".

101 - Engagement distance in close combat in ruins likewise increased to 6".

102 - New terrain rules for forests, rivers, debris, artifacts and unique terrain.

108 - Leeway is encouraged for lists that go over points.

108 - One HQ must now be designated as a warlord. Warlords have new rules given to them.

108 - Addition of fortifications and allies to force organization chart.

110 - New rules for larger games.

120 - Terrain setup rules changed.

121 - Units may no longer voluntarily start the game in reserves (without special rules like deepstrike that explicitly allow them to).

122 - If, at the end of any turn, your opponent has no models on the table, you win straight away.

122 - New victory conditions added.

123 - A single unit can now only claim a single objective at a time.

123 - Embarked units no longer count as scoring.

123 - Vehicles can no longer contest objectives.

124 - Change to nightfighting rules.

124 - Changes to reserve rolls table

125 - Units may not charge the turn the enter from reserves.

126+ - New missions.