Looking for a way to boost points in as little time as possible so that I can work toward clearing off the vehicles out of my list, I decided to scratchbuild up some ogryn. This seemed like a perfect project, as I only needed to scratchbuild 6 models in order to throw down 250 points. Plus, their large size hopefully would mean that the work is easier to do.

I decided that, having proven that I could do scratchbuilding at all with my past couple of projects, I wanted to kick it up a notch. Rather than focusing on making more detail, I decided to work up my speed. Once I have enough of that, hopefully I'll get the basic stuff done and still the patience to work on increasing levels of detail. As such, to help with the production, I've decided to do this ambitiously: two scratchbuilds at once.

The project began with me picking out a couple of 40mm bases and taking some measurements of regular guardsmen. I'm looking for someone who looks about twice as big, but is stockier, and more... well, ogre-ish. After a little time cutting out my base materials, I quickly had the frames set down.

I'm planning for the left one to be just a regular ogryn and the right side one being the Bone 'Ead.

It's at this point, that I should explain the plan for this. True to the unit itself, I'm going to be making big, meaty thugs. However, my angle on this is not to keep them thick and dumb brutes. Faced with the prospect of fielding such "mean, base, brutish and in all otherways unsoldierly in appearance" ogryn on the field, my SO, the illustrious Daxos P. Clinton III, has insisted that their level of appearance be brought up to an appropriately gentlemanly standard in order for him to be caught dead on the same side of the same battlefield. A quick trip to a tailor and after a work-over by the officer's on coiffeur staff officers (not to mention a crash course in proper grammar and decor), the end result are fighting brutes with sufficient class and presentableness to take the field with pride.

In short, I'm looking for big, dumb brutes, that have been made to look like regular imperial guardsmen.

I'd already decided that what I wanted for the ripper gun was one giant, break-open super-shotgun-hand-cannon-of-death, rather than an autoshotty. Of course, this leaves their other hand free. After much wrangling, and the helpful support of dakkaites, I decided that they were hitting the field pistols and sword style.

With all the planning, came the beginning of the scratchbuild, starting with the boots. After the frame/boots, they were left overnight to dry.

In the morning, I started with the base. This meant the pants and the sleeves. Working in this larger scale definitely felt different. It definitely felt like I could be sloppier and still correct it. As a result, the arms and legs on BOTH ogryn went pretty quickly.

Once this was done, it was time to finish off the base of the model (in just three stages! I am getting faster at this). This meant putting on the field blouse, and patching up a bunch of errors I had made (especially with the boots).

After this, I blobbed up some GS and threw the beginnings of the head on.

The next phase started the beginning of the detail work. This meant the front of the field blouse, complete with buttons, and most of the face.

After this was the second part of the detail. This meant finishing the face, adding in the belt and fabricating the base of the weapons and connecting them to the end of the arms.

Once again I'm impressed with how efficient I'm becoming with scratchbuilding. After just 4 steps I went from frames and boots to getting pretty close to being done. Of course, by now I'm starting to suffer burnout. Now employed, I have less time (this was started on the weekend), and progress over the week would be very slow. Furthermore, the nearly complete yet not complete models sitting on the desk was a little demoralizing. Also, the fine detail steps are by far the futziest.

Roughly 4 or 5 GS stages later, I did the hands and the hair. Also went on the belt pouch and canteen, and sash for the Bone 'ead. After extensive clean up, I finally got both of them done about 2.5 weeks after I'd started:

After all the effort, though, I'm pretty proud of the result. Some things not quite right, like the direction of the first ogryn's head, and the narrowness of the bone'ead's hips, but in all, this came out as something I'm going to be willing to paint.

Which was actually the easy part. All I had to do was to do them up in my regular guardsmen's colors, except I didn't have to bother with the brown. As for the sash, well, the only real option was the blue color of the scabbard holder of my SO/the color of the foleran flag.

A little hard to see the detail on the pictures, but you get the gist.

Needless to say, this all turned out rather well. A little more burnout (but, to be fair, I have a job now), for TWICE the number of models done.

Here's what they look like next to some of my other dudes:

And the poster...

Next it's finishing the rest of them. I'm thinking of being insanely ambitious and trying to do all 4 at once. I don't know how far I'll get in before I start working on just two at a time, but by gum, I'm going to try!