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So, I've found that whenever I have a shooty army, I wind up with a choppy CCS, and when I have a choppy army, I have a shooty CCS. I guess it's just a sign of how versatile a guard CCS is, that whatever my troops can't cover, the CCS is able to handle.

Anyways, I'm back to shooty guard for 6th ed, which means that it's time for a choppy CCS. Given that FNP actually works against things like power weapons and battlecannons (etc.), and that medics can still give FNP to guys stuck in challenges, I thought it was time to try a medic.

I was trying to think about how to do it. The band-aid or blood bag of the cadians never really made sense to me, nor the idea of morphine. Yes, guard being able to do nothing more than apply a band-aid to a bolter wound is greatly grimdark, but I wanted something that actually made sense to the idea that it would prevent those in the squad from feeling pain. I was thinking about what could do this, when I remembered a story about some guy, high on PCP, who, in hulk-like fashion flipped a car over onto some police officers, and when they used a taser on him, instead of falling uncontrollably to the ground, twitching, he just got angry. They even shot him a couple of times, and he just shrugged it off.

Now THAT is feeling no pain, in the strict sense of the word. Then, of course, I remembered that this is one of the reasons that the german army gave their soldiers amphetamine tablets, or kamikaze pilots got blotto before flying into combat. The answer here, in short, is chemistry.

This meant that I would want my medic to be giving people drugs. Rather than syringes, I decided to go for Akira-style pill popping. In this case, a medic wouldn't be a trained doctor, per se, but someone who was given a bottle of PCP and told how to dose people "properly". This also feels hella grimdark, this idea that the Imperium wouldn't care about leaving a bunch of drug-addled amputees left strewn about the galaxy so long as they got victory.

The modelling for this was actually pretty easy. I took a cadian helmet and shaved it down (as is my custom for heads), and used cadian legs and torso. For the arms, I went to the heavy weapons sprue. The right arm was the one holding onto a mortar, and the left arm was the one that matched (it had to be hacked in at that angle, but that was easy). For the other hand, I used the same hand as the other one, chopped off the thumb, and made a new one with GS. The rest was more or less cleaning things up.

And then it was just painting it up in my usual custom to match the rest of my army:

Simple, but effective. Clearly he's some sort of medical personnel, at least, relative to a regular guardsman.

More importantly, I see this guy as being a source of hilarity. A random guardsman given charge over medicine and treated like a doctor...