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So, I've finally caved and built a list that includes an executioner. I've got the russes, but, as I'd purchased russes, and not demolishers, I obviously had no bitz for the main cannon. Not that the actual model would fit on a regular russ turret anyways.

So I hit the drawing board, trying to think of ways to do a giant, three-shot plasma cannon. Obviously, I could scratchbuild something similar to the actual one, but, honestly, I've never really liked the proper model. I did have an option for making a single largish cannon, though - I could use the plasma cannon from my sentinel. It's way too small, of course, but perhaps I could throw a bunch of extra tubing on it and say that it's a plasma cannon that is supercharged to fire three times faster, and just has a bunch of cooling. The more I thought about the technicals for this, the less I liked it, though. It just wasn't going to execute all that well.

While I was thinking about it, though, I went back and painted up my first pair of plasma cannon sponsons. While I was doing this, an idea struck me. I have a LOT of plasma sponsons, surely I would be willing to sacrifice a few for a turret.

Things quickly gelled from there. Instead of having a turret weapon that was as if it was three plasma cannons, I'd have a turret weapon that WAS three plasma cannons. Not only would this be pretty easy, but I love the idea. It fits the sort of grimdark idea of just welding a bunch of guns together and hoping for the best, and it fits my army's theme of having to bodge things together in specific.

As such, I just pulled out three of my many sponson weapons, hacked them down, and glued them together. I mounted everything on a simple plasticard box to which I added some rivets.

As you can see, it doesn't QUITE fit, what with the box being square, and it sticking out at the upper corners because the plasma cannons are too wide (the demolisher turret handles this by making the front of the turret wider), but it's certainly good enough.

Then it was a simple matter of painting it all and throwing it on the russ.

I love how crude and ugly it looks. CLEARLY it was the result of a few enterprising guardsmen and a reluctant techpriest throwing together a bunch of salvaged plasma cannons.

Will it work? Who knows? Guess we'll have to just grind into battle and fire it a few hundred times and see if it blows up our own tank or not.

And as an update, here's some pics of it on the table: