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I've just recently started to include a small unit of stormtroopers again in my army. The problem, though, is that I made them back in 4th ed, when their best use was melticide. Not to say that that's useless, but what my list needs is stormies who can show up and deliver plasma.

But what if, in the future, I change my mind yet again? Ideally, I'd just make a new pair of stormies from scratch holding plasma guns and then I'd just switch models, but right now I don't have the time, patience, or, more importantly, resources to do this.

As such, I decided that what I would do is to convert my stormies up so that they're holding onto the frame of a weapon. I could then make a part that plugs in to make it look like a plasma gun. Then, if I decided I wanted melta again, I could just make a new melta plug-in, and, well, plug it in.

The first thing I did was to start with my stormtrooper in melta mode:

... and chop off the meltagun. I left the handle, strap, and back of the gun.

After much deliberation about how I was going to make the parts snap into place, I had my plan. I wanted to use a necron glow rod like I did for my other plasma guns:

So I started by putting down a piece of plasticard that was just low enough to fit a glow rod. Then I bulked up the attachment with a side panel that connected it back to the gun, another side panel up front, a piece of plasticard to connect the front of the strap to the handle, and a little piece of plasticard to connect the handle to the front side panel.

Basically, I made a cage, except one side (the side facing the stormie) was left open. I would then plug my plasma gun bit in from the side.

Once this was done, I cut down my glow rod and stuck it in. I put down two pieces of plasticard down on the side, so that it would lock into the cage.

Then I gussied it up with some GS, filling in the bottom and wrapping it so it was flush with the inner piece of plasticard, and starting the plasma head. Obviously, I had to be really careful here. The head was connected to the glow rod, but I had to make sure the GS didn't touch the cage, or else it wouldn't detatch later. Same for all the rest of the GS work.

At this point, I struggled to figure out how to make this look more like a plasma gun. I considered some hosing, some more heat sinking, etc. I'm a terrible weapon designer, though, so I just decided to keep it simple.

After removing the plug in (with a little help from my hobby knife), I cleaned everything up and put it back in. Honestly, at this point I was kind of surprised that this cockamamie idea even worked.

The next phase of GS saw me putting on a purity seal on the unsightly rear of the gun, while I put more GS on the plug-in to make it look nice with the cage.

Then all that was left was to take out, clean, and put the plug in back in and then add the front nozzle for the barrel.

Then came the painting, which was obviously the easy part

I'm not 100% satisfied with the way they turned out, but it's not too shabby for a crazy engineering plan and a single afternoon/evening of work. Plus, they're obviously plasma guns.

Now it's just time to kill some termies!