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So the last mini that I needed to do to get to 1500 points was a commissar. Given the recent price hike, I would be damned if I was going to pay for a pewter one, so I set about making one myself out of infantry bits and greenstuff.

The first thing I had to decide on was the pose. This commissar is going to be charging in swinging a powersword, but I didn't really want to do an epic charge pose for this guy. Not only am I starting to run out of epic charge poses, but also, when I think of a crazy guy charging into combat with insane abandon, I think of priests, not commissars. No, for this commissar, I wanted to stress the "no step back" rather than the "Everyone forward". I wanted him to look like a [i]commissar[/i], not just another dude charging in with a power weapon.

So I started with the basics of the pose. Pictured here is a pair of regular infantry legs and torso, and the arms from the new chimera sprue (fingers folded in, and a piece of plasticard for the pointer):

With this to my satisfaction, I continued on to finish the plastic part of the model. The head is shaved down from the cadian heavy weapons team, and the power weapon is a piece of plasticard with the bottom of a chainsword, some wire, and a touch of greenstuff.

Convinced of the appropriate commissarriness of the model, it then fell to the laborious process of greenstuffing the greatcoat. I've got some pictures of this in mid-progress (where it looks like he's a catachan, or that he's wearing a bath robe), but I'll skip straight to the end:

I was actually sort of intimidated by the prospect of painting this, as I'd never done commissars before, and I didn't want to screw up a nice GS job. As such, I basically stuck to the paint scheme that is in the codex. It definitely gets the job done.

(note that the skin is actually not quite as red as the picture makes it look)

And, for the lulz, a final propaganda poster: