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My two-month-long-convert-a-thon continues with yet another imperial commissar.

After playing a few games with my army, I decided to swap out two mortar squads for another power blob upgrade (giving my list 3 power blobs!). My last conversion was scratchbuilding the priest, which just left me to do the commissar for the squad.

I was concerned about my resources though, as I was already nearly out of GS, and I didn't have all of the bitz I needed. Given my recent successes with scratchbuilding, though, I was confident that I'd be able to reproduce something that looked congruous with the rest of my stuff.

As I was out of torsos, the first step was to recreate one. Using an already-assembled mini as my torso guide (this would have been much easier if I would have had a spare torso around to measure), I started by doing some basic assembly, and sandwiching plasticard together:

Then came the task of very carefully attempting to reproduce a GW torso as best I could. Several steps later, I got the front done. I decided not to bother with the back, as it would be hidden by the coat:

I decided to handle the coat the same way I did my last commissar, rather than the way I did my first one. This meant starting with the front of the coat flaps and carefully guiding them into position over the duration of the cure time.

Then came doing the coat like normal. You can tell that my work in scratchbuilding has really paid off, as I did both sides of the coat, the first stage of the hat, and the GSing on the wrists in a single step, instead of several.

After this, it was finishing off the coat. This meant the collar and the front of the coat, along with finishing up other details. I also did most of the hat in this phase as well.

Having gotten as far as I have with a record few number of GS steps, I was really happy with the result. Unfortunately, by this time the weight of all of this converting I've been doing really started to weigh on me. Burnout was hitting me hard, making it so that I was taking days in between steps while working out the details, and I even thought that there was a real risk of not finishing.

But I pressed on. Several GS steps were required to finish up the model, mostly in getting niggly little details smoothened out. Also, apart from not having any torsos, I also didn't have any more bolt pistols. While I was HIGHLY tempted to give this commissar a bolt revolver, I decided to fabricate a bolt pistol to look like the other ones my commissars were holding (perhaps if I make a commissar lord, he'll have a bolt revolver).

In any case, everything got cleaned up, and looking good for the final result:

And, because commissars are easy and a half to paint, the next day he was done.

Here he is with my other two commissars:

So I'm really proud of how this turned out. Burnout aside, I got something that maintains a great deal of contiguity with my other models, despite missing some key parts. As well, I'm really starting to get the hang for how to make fabric billow. It's not all that obvious in these pictures, but I'm really glad that I got something pretty realistic looking without looking flat with just some wrinkles in it.

With really barely any GS left, and with really barely any bitz left (I don't know if I even have any more bases), and with burnout high and mighty, I think I'm going to take a break for a little while. I'm really glad for how these past couple of months have turned out. My GS skills have gone from a collection of minor applique to a fearless tackling of pretty good quality scratchbuilding. A rest is well deserved.

And, finally, your poster: