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So last week I was in the FLGS and I was told that they're soon going to begin an 1850 league. Here I just spent all this effort just to get to 1500, and now I need to go a little further! With all due haste, I immediately set out to figuring out how to add 350 points to my army in just a week or two. As I already have another priest laying around, the most obvious answer to begin with is to spend 130 points on another superblob. Other than hacking some power weapons into the hands of my sergeants, this basically meant that I'd need another commissar.

And so I got to work. The problem that I was faced with right away was that I was down to just one torso, and only two choices of legs (don't ask me how I got the extra legs). This meant that I had to make my second commissar in basically the same posture as the first, or use the other legs. The problem with the other set of legs is that I've already used them on a lot of sergeants and officers, at least a couple of which are also pointing and shouting. As such, I was faced with the problem of how to make the model sufficiently lead-from-the-rear-commissary while also looking different. After some hacking, I came up with this result:

Everything here is from the regular cadian box set, except for the right arm and left hand (cadian heavy weapon team) and the bolt pistol (new chimera sprue). Honestly, I wasn't really all that impressed when I got to this point, but I didn't know what else I could do, so I decided to go with it. At least it has a strong "the front is THAT way, soldier!" look.

After this, I went about the process of GSing. I did the coat slightly differently this time. Instead of just doing the top, and then the two bottom parts, I put down two long strips of GS for the front of the coat, and then built everything back into it. I'm not sure if the result is better, but it definitely made it a little less futzy.

I'm not certain I like this model better, as the vision and the execution are slightly poorer, I think (it took me much longer for me to get close to satisfaction while GSing). The one thing that I have definitely gained is more comfort with this level of GSing. This model took me about four days from the above assembled step all the way through painting, which beats the pants off of my previous week and a half to two weeks for my last commissar.

Anyways, once I got it painted up, it looked sufficiently commissar-y.

One of the things that I think is missing from these pictures is just how tall this guy is. Unbending his legs from the typical crouch position makes his dimensions stretch out quite a bit. Not only does he look much taller, but he IS much taller. Note that the guy on the left was made with the same legs as the commissar, and the commissar looks nearly a head taller.

Given his size and badassery, I'm thinking of calling him "Ajax". In closing, here is a propaganda poster for you: