So, in a fit of insanity, I've decided to try out the master of ordnance a bit in the near future. The problem, of course, is getting a model for one. I was going to just use my officer of the fleet (who has now also filled the role of commissar), because he looks like an adviser. Then I saw a model that was sitting in the "dust collection" part of my shelf:

Back in the day, I wanted a standard, so I bought the GW blister pack that came with a standard bearer and a medic. I had absolutely no use for a medic (still don't...), but he came with a lasgun, and I was desperately short on dudes. As such, I converted him up by splicing and attaching a the old improved comms vehicle upgrade, and snipping off the hand/blood pouch. The idea was that I could always use him as a master vox carrier or something. He spent a little bit of time in my army, but was shelved at the soonest ability (interestingly, not long before the standard bearer, who also remains on the shelf unpainted after I decided to convert one of my own after all).

Having already turned this guy into a radio operator, I decided that I'd like to recycle this old model into a dedicated Master of Ordnance. After all of the scratch-building and partial-scratch-building, I was curious to see how easy it would be to do just a regular old conversion.

I'd had some bad experiences attempting to work with metal in the past, but that was then, this was now. Plus, the amount of metal I'd have to work with was small.

With a radio already in his hand, there were only two things I wanted to add. The first was to turn the random thingamagiger in his hand into a range finder/scanner. I could easily remove it from his hand and put it on his belt and attach it to the auspex-looking-thing.

The other thing I wanted was a map. This, of course, would have to be made from greenstuff.

Conversion started with some horrible, ugly work with a wire cutter. A little knifework cleaned it up a bit, leaving me with actually little headache for working with metal.

After this, it was preparing a head. Usually I'd do my crazy head, hair and moustache routine, but this time I wanted him actually shouting into a microphone, and didn't feel particularly inspired, so I just put on one from the infantry sprue. Likewise, a simple, chopped down arm from the cadian sprue put on the left arm. Doing a little cleanup work with GS and adding on some bitz, the process was going smoothly.

After this, it was just cleaning up the collar, and general messing around.

The only thing missing was the map, which I had taken a chunk of my GS and flattened it way out on my desk before the rest of the steps. Now, an hour and a half later, it was cut into a square and smooshed into the hand. The end result wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but I didn't feel like messing with it any more.

The end result came out pretty well, especially for what was just a single greenstuff session.

Then it was a matter of painting it up. This went pretty quickly, and he just went in the color of my regular guardsmen. He's a master of ordnance, not an officer after all. The only thing that I still am not so sure about is the map. I looked at lots of different types of combat maps, and I picked the one I thought would be the easiest to paint. I'm not a big fan of the white map running into the white uniform, but I can't think of what else to do. In any case, it's clearly a map...

... and it's clearly a guy calling in artillery. Done and done.

With this guy complete, I now have all three advisers converted up!

And, of course, the poster:

By popular demand, here's a close-up of the map (remember, it's much smaller in real life):

After some suggestions, I also yellowed the map a bit. I definitely like it better: