The Following are articles about painting and converting miniatures for other people. The work here was done for payment or trade. If you have something you'd like to have commissioned, contact me to see if we can get something set up.

2013-09-02 : Storm Shields and Power Axes, Pt.2
Turning the earlier commissioned bitz into completed henchmen.

2013-08-23 : Tzeenchian Hellbrute
Ailaros attempts to fix one of the ugliest models in 40k.

2013-06-03 : Female Inquisitor #2
A second take on another female inquisitor.

2013-05-27 : Storm Shields and Power Axes
Scratchbuilding some wargear for henchmen crusaders.

2013-05-13 : Female Inquisitor
Taking a non-heroic scale 28mm mini and bulking it up for 40k.