The Following soldiers are from the Daxos Group of the Foleran First.
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Daxos P. Clinton leads the way with fleet liason Bathis in tow.

First platoon's junior officer

First platoon squad 1

First platoon squad 2

First platoon special weapons squad

Second Platoon's junior officer

Second Platoon first squad

Second Platoon second squad

Second Platoon special weapons squad

Second Platoon heavy weapons squad

Third Platoon's junior officer

Third Platoon first squad

Third Platoon second squad

Third Platoon special weapons squad

Third Platoon heavy weapons squad

Basilisk "Lord Excellence"

Phalanx Ballistics Launcher (Manticore) "Tin Roof Monday"

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Phalanx Ballistics Launcher (Manticore) "Sliding Thunder"

The Daxos Group attacks an outpost

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